Swiss cochlear implant technology company Advanced Bionics (AB) has announced the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and expansion of its Marvel CI product offerings.

AB said that the expansion will improve hearing care delivery and patient outcomes.

The expansion includes remote programming through the patient’s smartphone using the AB Remote Support app, making hearing care more accessible for cochlear implant (CI) patients.

It also includes linked two-ear solutions and Target CI version 1.5, a new version of programming software for both cochlear implants and hearing instruments.

Sonova Group GVP and Advanced Bionics president Victoria Carr-Brendel said: “Since its introduction in 2020, Marvel CI has redefined hearing performance with cochlear implants.

“Marvel CI’s universal Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated sound processor for children, and integrated compatibility with Phonak hearing devices are still features that are unique and unmatched on the market.”

Cochlear implant patients often need to travel long distances to reach clinics for appointments with their hearing care professionals (HCPs).

AB said that its new Remote Support app provides smartphone-based remote checking and programming features for patients.

The Remote Support app also allows HCPs to remotely and directly adjust settings on their patients’ Marvel CI sound processor and compatible Phonak hearing aid.

Together with its sister company Phonak, AB is the only company to offer linked two-ear solutions with hearing aids and cochlear implants which work together as a pair.

Also, Marvel will be the only CI system with a Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) device.

Target CI is designed as a smart CI fitting software and provides professionals with the flexibility to address their patient-specific needs.

The new Version 1.5 of Target CI comes with enhancements related to workflow, ease of use, convenience, and professional performance.

It supports the programming and configuration of the compatible Phonak CROS device together with a Marvel CI, in addition to bimodal fittings.

The new version software also brings popular features from the previous Soundwave software, allowing HCPs to import patient data from AB’s cochlear health monitoring tool, the AIM system.

Victoria added: “The launch of these extended Marvel CI features today continues to demonstrate our focus on making it easier to hear and live with cochlear implants.

“Remote Programming gives people easier access to their hearing care professionals. The new CROS device allows more people with Marvel CIs to hear where sounds are coming from. And Target CI Version 1.5 allows professionals to serve their patients with even greater efficiency.

“Our mission has always been to allow people to live a life without limitations. And this launch is yet another big step towards that ultimate goal.”