VeeOne Health, a US-based provider of a complete telehealth platform and services for the full continuum of healthcare, today announced VeeGo 360, an extension of its platform that addresses the growing demand for care beyond hospital and clinic walls.

With body sensors, the VeeGo 360 patient-facing mobile app, and the care team portal, patients and providers can enable continuous and/or intermittent post-acute and chronic disease monitoring from the patient’s home or care facility.

As hospitals and clinics seek to improve care and rein in expenses, RPM has emerged as a primary strategy. RPM solutions can be used to enable hospitals to discharge patients sooner while continuing to monitor their vital signs and recovery process while they convalesce at home.

Unlike other RPM products on the market, VeeGo 360 offers key advantages like the flexibility of continuous and/or intermittent monitoring, device-agnostic application that gives patients and providers broad choices, AI and machine learning-based prescriptive analytics that can alert care providers when patients reach certain threat levels, Complete integration into the comprehensive VeeOne Health telehealth platform, which delivers everything including specialist access, virtual visits with built-in language translation, credentialing, billing, and revenue cycle management.

Because it is integrated fully into the VeeOne Health platform, VeeGo 360 can also support rural patients who may be hours away from the nearest hospital, giving their telehealth physicians important clinical information before or during virtual visits.

More and more patients would rather receive hospital-level care at home rather than in the hospital, which is causing healthcare systems to rethink how care can efficiently be delivered. VeeOne Health’s comprehensive VeeGo 360 solution — along with its operations, clinical workflows, and infrastructure — can enable healthcare systems to easily stand up Hospital-at-Home programs.

“RPM extends care out into the home for millions of patients while enabling hospitals and other providers to improve the quality of post-acute and chronic care,” said Dr. Arshad Ali, President and Chief Medical Officer at VeeOne Health. “As a part of our VeeOne Health platform, VeeGo 360 delivers value-based, patient-centric care with access to thousands of physician specialists, outstanding workflow management, and comprehensive back-end support.”


Source: Company Press Release