Radiation oncology company Accuray Incorporated has partnered with Limbus AI to augment Accuray adaptive radiotherapy capabilities by using Limbus’ AI-driven auto-contouring algorithms.

The partnership will enable automated contouring to further optimise the treatment planning process.

Both companies are planning to roll out an integrated offering in 2023.

Accuray said that changes in tumour size, shape, and location, as well as changes in the position of organs and other healthy tissue, may necessitate changes in the treatment plan to ensure that the radiation dose is directed at the tumour while avoiding nearby sensitive organs.

Plan modifications as part of the adaptive workflow, on the other hand, can be prohibitively time and labour intensive.

Contouring, or identifying the tumour’s and at-risk organs’ borders, is one of the most important processes in the planning process, accounting for a large amount of both the staff and time spent on plan modification.

Automating the contouring element of the overall planning process allows for practical adaptive plan adjustment for every patient undergoing treatment, when necessary, without overburdening already overworked clinical staff.

Accuray said that high-quality automation technologies, such as the contouring tool developed by Limbus AI, make it easier for health clinicians to ensure uniformity in the designs they prepare.

Accuray chief executive officer Joshua Levine said: “Accuray is focused on improving the care of patients undergoing radiation therapy.

“Providing practical adaptive solutions for clinics of any size, in any location, is one approach and the software offered by Limbus AI will play a big role in making this goal a reality.

“The partnership with Limbus represents another step forward for Accuray in the development of innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions that meet the needs of providers and enables them to deliver personalised patient care, such as with our Synchrony AI-driven real-time target tracking with dynamic delivery technology, on both the Radixact and CyberKnife Systems.”