US-based medical devices firm Abbott has launched IonicRF Generator, its new non-surgical, minimally invasive device for managing chronic pain in the US.

The IonicRF Generator is a radiofrequency ablation device that deploys heat to target specific nerves and prevents pain signals from reaching the brain.

Abbott said that the new IonicRF Generator marks its first radiofrequency ablation device and is currently approved in the US and Europe.

Radiofrequency ablation is used to treat pain, including low back pain and Sacroiliac joint (buttocks) pain, where conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, injections or medication are not effective.

Jason Pope from Evolve Restorative Centre said: “Every patient is different and the source of their pain is unique, making it extremely important to have multiple options available, so treatment can be tailored to individual circumstances.

“Abbott’s IonicRF is an advanced device platform that targets specific nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain. One of the most promising aspects of the therapy is its effectiveness in targeting pain in several discrete areas of the body.”

Abbott is developing a portfolio of therapies and solutions for chronic pain

Radiofrequency ablation leverages an electric current to heat up a small area of nerve tissue, preventing it from sending pain signals.

According to previous studies, a single radiofrequency ablation treatment can provide pain relief that lasts from six to 12 months.

Abbott is a major player in the development of therapies and solutions for chronic pain.

It offers radiofrequency therapy and spinal cord stimulation therapy solutions, including radiofrequency ablation generators and accessories, BurstDR stimulation, and dorsal root ganglion stimulation for chronic pain.

Recently, Abbott has secured the CE Mark and Australian regulatory approval for its new EnSite X EP System.

The EnSite X System is a cardiac mapping system capable of providing an option to navigate the cardiac anatomy in two different ways on a single platform.