Abbott has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its Eterna spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system to treat chronic pain.

The US medical device company said that its Eterna SCS system is the smallest implantable, rechargeable spinal cord stimulator available in this indication.

It leverages the company’s low-dose BurstDR stimulation, the SCS waveform technology that mimics natural firing patterns around the brain to provide pain relief.

The BurstDR stimulation technology has shown 23% more pain reduction compared to traditional waveform technology approaches, said the firm.

Abbott neuromodulation vice president Pedro Malha said: “Abbott, we deliver products and solutions with the goal of simplifying healthcare, improving clinical outcomes, and providing people suffering from chronic pain with the best experience possible. As we progress on this commitment, Eterna is the next major leap forward.

“Eterna is the smallest rechargeable spinal cord stimulator on the market, provides the longest therapy between charges and offers an optimised recharging experience – all key features when selecting the best overall system.”

SCS, also known as neurostimulation, has been a recommended treatment approach for managing chronic pain for more than 50 years.

The approach includes placing wires between the spinal cord and the vertebrae and a small implant under the skin in the lower back to disrupt pain signals from reaching the brain.

Abbott said that its Eterna SCS system has been developed based on extensive studies with patients, physicians, and caregivers to address the unmet needs of chronic pain patients.

The studies found that people preferred a smaller implant, with a reduced need to charge the device.

Eterna SCS system is designed to be wirelessly charged less than five times a year under normal use, which is the lowest recharge burden compared to other SCS systems.

In addition, the system uses Abbott’s TotalScan MRI technology, which allows for full-body MRI scans for chronic pain patients who require improved diagnostics and healthcare.

The company’s mobile app displays real-time battery life and charging status updates of the Eterna SCS system on a personal or Abbott-provided dedicated Apple device.