The Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (AAKSS) is set to install all of its emergency service helicopters with the Philips RDT Tempus ALS and IntelliSpace Corsium web-based software platform.

AAKSS is the first emergency service in the UK to use the new software platform.

With Philips’ software platform, the Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) can livestream patient medical information, including electrocardiogram (ECG), body temperature, heart rhythm, pulse and respiration rate, and blood pressure from the scene to the receiving hospital.

Philips Enhanced Data Service (EDS) will help decrease data packets to enhance reliability over low bandwidth preventing data loss during transmission.

AAKSS CEO David Welch said: “This collaboration recognises our position as one of the world’s leading air ambulance services bringing the most sophisticated technology to support the highly skilled medical teams we deploy across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

“This will have a very significant impact in helping us to save lives and improve patient outcomes across the south east. With AAKSS demonstrating its application in real-life situations, we are confident the technology will be adopted by other air ambulances and partners in the health service.”

Philips RDT Tempus ALS platform transfers clinical and on-scene data

Philips RDT Tempus ALS platform acquires and transfers clinical and on-scene data, which will be shared and assessed in a two‐way real-time consultation. It will help improve decision making for AAKSS and other care givers.

The Tempus ALS solution is composed of Tempus Pro portable and vital signs monitor, as well as the Tempus LS defibrillator.

The monitor and defibrillator devices link wirelessly together to share data and transmit patient vitals, waveforms and images into Philips IntelliSpace Corsium web-based software platform.

The connectivity will offer AAKSS with an interactive ECG measurement and two-way communication, allowing rapid clinical and transport decision support and seamless electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) integration.

Philips therapeutic care business leader Arman Voskerchyan said: “AAKSS takes an approach of innovation and thought leadership to help enhance patient outcomes through delivering the most effective patient care.”

In September, Philips has commercially introduced NightBalance prescription sleep position therapy device for patients with positional obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).