Becoming skilled in auscultation requires practice and repeated exposure to real patient heart and lung sounds. In response to that need, 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes has joined forces with eMurmur® to release two new branded apps – one to support students and the other designed for instructors.

The collaboration between 3M Littmann Stethoscopes and eMurmur has resulted in mobile apps that help early-career clinicians master critical auscultation skills while also supporting instructors as they train those students. Features include 3M™ Littmann Learning App, and 3M™ Littmann University App.

“As a trusted industry leader, Littmann Stethoscopes was one of the first to introduce a learning app more than five years ago,” explained Kristi Barnett, Sr. Director, 3M Medical Devices. “We know that for clinicians, listening is a critical skill for making accurate diagnoses. Ensuring clinicians master this skill and supporting instructors as they teach auscultation is the intent of these new apps. With the challenges that remote learning has presented during the pandemic, continued access to recordings of real patient auscultation sounds and remote teaching capabilities will be of even greater benefit to both students and instructors. With the Littmann Learning App and Littmann University App, we take listening and learning to a new level.”

The Littmann Learning App combines intensive repetition with continued learning and testing to prepare a clinician for real-world patient care. Studies show that students need continued access to learning material outside of the classroom as they can gradually lose their auditory training if they stop listening to heart sounds. Offering a learner access to repeated self-testing is also key as it facilitates the use of a mastery learning model for clinical skill acquisition.

For instructors, the Littmann University App supports remote classroom capabilities, enabling live streaming of a large library of patient sounds, as well as group testing with immediate results.

“We are a leader in AI-powered digital auscultation technology and teaching solutions. Partnering with 3M Littmann Stethoscopes allows us to expand our educational solutions beyond their current capabilities and offer them to students, instructors and clinicians worldwide,” said Andreas Schriefl, co-founder and CEO, eMurmur. “We understand that being able to confidently assess heart sounds can help improve cardiac care and is a skill that the new Littmann Apps – powered by eMurmur – can help teach. These two apps offer a powerful pairing for learning.”

3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes is a global leader in auscultation technology – providing innovative solutions to improve patient care. Littmann stethoscopes are trusted worldwide for precision, acoustic excellence, reliable design, and exceptional performance, helping clinicians detect difficult-to-hear body sounds and improve patient outcomes.


Source: Company Press Release