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About Tinius Olsen

As a leading global manufacturer, Tinius Olsen provides equipment for material testing needs. Our products include static testing equipment for either tensile and compression using a single frame, hardness, pendulum impacts, melt flow indexers, heat distortion, Vicat and more to meet all your testing requirements.

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As a leading global manufacturer, Tinius Olsen provides equipment for material testing needs. Our products include static testing equipment for either tensile and compression using a single frame, hardness, pendulum impacts, melt flow indexers, heat distortion, Vicat and more to meet all your testing requirements.

We have taken a fresh look at how our customers use materials testing machines and software to meet their specific needs in today’s commercial environment.

Accuracy, resolution, data rates, control, precise adherence to test standards, calibration, measurement of uncertainty and traceability are all essential parameters tuned to the highest standards and capabilities in Tinius Olsen testing machines and software. We can configure an automated system to match your exact requirements, saving time and making you money.

As a company we design and implement equipment and tests in accordance with key international testing standards including ISO, ASTM and ES from test configuration through to reporting and generating results immediately for your processes.

Our versatile testing machines offer solutions for testing the strength and performance of plastics, metals, composites and many other materials.

Whether you are looking for a single testing machine or a fully automated system that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can be sure that every element has been designed and tested to the highest Tinius Olsen standards.


As a global manufacturer and supplier of materials testing machines, we have been at the cutting edge of research and development for over 140 years, producing high quality specialist equipment to clients in many different industries around the world.

It was Tinius Olsen himself who invented the first universal testing machine, the ‘Little Giant,’ in 1880 and, throughout its history, the company has been at the forefront of development and innovation.

This includes our latest breakthrough instrument, the VectorExtensometer. Just like the ‘The Little Giant,’ this breakthrough testing technology is a real step change in how materials testing will be performed into the future.

Quality and Reliability

Quality is our business. We understand that the reliability of your product depends not only on the testing equipment that you purchase, but also on the quality and commitment of the support that stands behind that equipment.

We are A2LA accredited in the USA and UKAS accredited in the UK. We are able to verify not only our equipment, but also a variety of other manufacturers’ tensile, compression, impact and hardness equipment, which translates into one source for all your certification needs.

Service and Customer Support

Tinius Olsen’s level of customer support is unequaled in the industry; from pre-scheduled maintenance/calibration contracts to our telephone support and priority on-site service, we’re there when you need us.

Tinius Olsen, Ltd.

6 Perrywood Business Park
Honeycrock Lane
Salfords Surrey
RH1 5DZ, England



Contact Tinius Olsen
Contact Tinius Olsen
Contact Tinius Olsen
Klockner Pentaplast Achieves ISCC Plus Certification for Sustainable Medical Device Packaging!

At Klockner Pentaplast (kp), we are delighted to share a groundbreaking accomplishment that reinforces our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We have officially been awarded the prestigious International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus for three of our manufacturing facilities across North America and Europe. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our dedication to producing recycled content films, with a particular focus on enhancing the sustainability of medical device packaging.

Qosina Introduces RondelO™ Stopcock Manifolds

Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to introduce the RondelO™ stopcock manifold. The RondelO modernizes drug infusion protocols through an innovative, patented design.

Dexter Hosts Ribbon Cutting Event

Dexter CEO Joe Stupfel is joined by Elk Grove Village Illinois Mayor Craig Johnson, and other local dignitaries to cut the ribbon on a new state-of-the-art production facility.

Dexter Magnetic Holdings Acquires Magnetic Component Engineering

Elk Grove Village, Illinois (March 21, 2022) – Dexter Magnetic Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc. (“Dexter”) has announced the acquisition of Torrance, California-based Magnetic Component Engineering, LLC (“MCE”) from its founder, Linda Montgomerie, and her sons. Dexter is owned by TSL Engineered Products, LLC, which is majority-owned by Tinicum L.P. and affiliated funds managed by Tinicum Incorporated (“Tinicum”). Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Improving safety of at-home medical devices

Healthcare organisations are seeking solutions to treat patients in home care settings to reduce the burden on traditional healthcare facilities. While this approach improves patient comfort and convenience, it can be difficult to manage compared to a controlled clinical setting where care is administered by trained medical professionals.

Complying with life science sterilization control mandates

The traceability of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes is critical to navigating the complexity of government regulations that impact the design, development, production and distribution of medications. The recent introduction of the EudraLex Volume 4 Annex 1 guidance regarding the manufacturing of sterile medicinal products is an example of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that help ensure quality and safety. But the challenge comes with documenting the process, as Roberto Zerbi at industrial technology manufacturer Watlow, explains. 

Celebrating the grand opening of the 15 million dollar investment

On June 18th Oliver Healthcare Packaging is celebrating the grand opening of our new 1450 square meter cleanroom. This investment in Venray is pivotal to enable our medical device and pharmaceutical customers to provide uninterrupted service to patients in Europe and globally. With this new cleanroom we triple our manufacturing footprint and further employment opportunities in a critically important market, in Limburg.

Klockner Pentaplast (kp) provides a wide range of medical device packaging films

Medical device packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical devices. It is essential that medical devices are packaged properly to protect them from damage during shipping and storage, to prevent contamination, and to maintain their sterility until they are ready to be used. One of the key components of medical device packaging is the packaging film which kp specializes in, and which serves as the primary barrier to protect the device from external elements.

Qosina Releases New 2023 Product Catalog

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, March 21, 2023—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and bioprocess industries, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest full-line product catalog, available in both print and digital formats.

Contract Manufacturing

New Study Shows Low Endotoxin Biomaterials Improve Reliability of 3D In Vitro Models; Pave the Way for Reduced Animal Testing

Irving, United States, 15th March 2023 / Sciad Newswire / Darling Ingredients’ health brand Rousselot, the global leader1 in collagen-based solutions, announced today that a new study has found that utilization of highly purified gelatin biomaterials for 3D in vitro models can significantly enhance the reliability and reproducibility in these models, creating new possibilities for replacing preclinical animal trials. 

Qosina Unveils New ISO Class 8 Cleanroom

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, March 15, 2023—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and bioprocess industries, has completed the construction of its new state-of-the-art cleanroom. This 1700-square-foot, ISO Class 8 cleanroom supports the expansion of Qosina’s pick and pack process, allows the company to increase capacity, and reduce lead times for customers.

Contract Manufacturing

‘Investing in better’ Klöckner Pentaplast awarded gold rating by Ecovadis

London, UK – 20 June 2022 – Klöckner Pentaplast (kp or the company), a leading global manufacturer of high barrier protective packaging solutions with industry-leading use of recycled content, has been awarded a gold rating for the second consecutive year by EcoVadis, the independent provider of global sustainability ratings for environmental, social, and ethical performance.

Qosina Appoints Lee Pochter as Executive Vice President

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, February 6, 2023—Qosina Corp., a leading global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and biopharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lee Pochter as Executive Vice President.

BMP Medical expansion of Sterling, Massachusetts Custom Plastic Manufacturing Facility

Sterling, Mass.,– BMP Medical announced today that it is expanding within its Sterling, Massachusetts facility. The 25,000 sq. ft. expansion will benefit customers by providing additional warehouse space for growing inventory needs, which will accelerate time to market. Previously, this space was occupied by a tenant. This is all part of a long-term strategic plan to address future growth. The total 80,000 sq. ft. facility offers: Class 7 Assembly, Clean Room Manufacturing (Class 8), Clean Room Packaging and Assembly (Class 8), Custom Assembly & Packaging, Custom Injection Blow Molding (IBM), Custom Injection Molding, DNase- and RNase-free manufacturing, FDA Registered Facility, Product Design & Development Services, R&D Tooling, and Sterilization Services.

Gelomics Partners With Rousselot Biomedical to Create the World’s First, Ready-to-Use 3D Cell Culture Kits Based on X-PURE® GelMA

Irving, United States, 16th November 2022 / Sciad Newswire / Darling Ingredients’ Health Brand, Rousselot, the global leader in collagen-based solutions, and Gelomics, the world-leading provider of fully integrated 3D cell, organoid and tissue culture technologies, have entered into a cobranding partnership. Rousselot Biomedical will supply Gelomics with its X-Pure GelMA (gelatin methacryloyl), a photo cross-linkable extracellular matrix, for use in Gelomics’ LunaGel™ 3D Tissue Culture System.

Alleima acquires Endosmart, a nitinol expert in medical instruments and implants

As a further step towards strengthening its position in the medical segment, Alleima has signed an agreement to acquire Endosmart Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik GmbH (Endosmart), a Germany-based manufacturer of medical instruments, implants and components made from the shape memory alloy nitinol. The product range includes kidney stone baskets and loops, breast cancer tumor markers and surgical instruments.

Technimount Medical Introduces the Most Revolutionary Products for Intra-hospital Mobility

Quebec, QC – Technimount Medical Inc. (“Technimount Medical”), an affiliated company of Technimount System, dedicated to serving the Healthcare community worldwide with innovative mobility and mounting systems for medical equipment is proud to introduce the new Technimount Healthcare SystemTM (THS) product line. Technimount Medical offers state-of-the-art mobility systems that help Healthcare providers to be more efficient during their practice to improve patient care. These highly ergonomic solutions are designed to improve mobility within hospital, clinical and telemedicine environments.

Technimount System Creates a New Division Dedicated to the Hospital Market

Quebec, QC - Technimount System, a recognized leader in the design and development of mounting solutions for medical devices, announces today the official launch of Technimount Medical (Technimount Medical Inc.) business operations. This new division is dedicated to serving the Healthcare community worldwide with innovative mobility and mounting systems for medical equipment that improve the efficiency of patient care in hospital and clinical environments.

SCT Ceramics enters into strategic licencing agreement with Heraeus medical to bring new patented CerMet technology to market

Société des Céramiques Techniques (SCT CERAMICS) today announced a strategic license agreement with Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (HERAEUS). The long-term license grants rights to SCT Ceramics to manufacture and market implantable components and subassemblies, such as hermetic feedthoughs, using Heraeus’ CerMet IP. CerMet is an innovative technology which uses a bio-compatible material system made from aluminum oxide and platinum to achieve ultra-high density feedthroughs, while lowering production and procurement costs.

Alleima trading on Nasdaq Stockholm commences today

The shares of Alleima, a global manufacturer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys and heating systems for the most demanding industries, commence trading on Nasdaq Stockholm today. This marks the start of Alleima as a fully independent company after being part of Sandvik. The name Alleima is a combination of the words ”alloy” and ”material” – two core strengths of the company.

The Rise of Counterfeit Medical Devices

Fraudulent activity has risen to an all-time high worldwide, including the rise in counterfeit medical devices. This disturbing trend in the medical device industry is attributed to a combination of factors, including gaps in manufacturer supply chains, lack of product regulation, and increasingly advanced counterfeiting schemes. Scammers are distributing fake medical devices like pace-makers, thermometers, respirators, insulin pens, and hearing aids.

BMP Medical Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

BMP Medical; a US-based, global end-to-end custom plastic contract manufacturing partner in the medical device industry, is pleased to announce the promotion of John Faulkner to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. After holding several management positions since joining the team, John will now assume responsibility for all sales and marketing activities for the company.

The Rise of Fake Pills and the Anti-Counterfeit Fight

For as long as pharmacies existed, there has been some sort of counterfeit medications or drugs. It could have been the snake oil salesman on his horse and wagon promising big results or some other gimmick. Luckily for back then, snake oil actually has some remedies for ailments and the side effects are not fatal. Unfortunately for modern day consumers, counterfeit drugs are much more lethal and dangerous proving that anti-counterfeit strategies are direly needed.

4 Areas to Fight Against Pharmaceutical Scams

One of the most dangerous forms of counterfeit goods are those in the pharmaceutical industry. Unlike fake luxury items such as purses or watches, consumers are quite literally ingesting fake pills, tablets, and other drugs, which are ineffective at best and deadly at worst.

An Overview of Multi-Lumen Catheter Design

Multi-lumen catheters are used for several different applications, including highly complicated procedures. They can also be designed with a wide range of performance characteristics.

What is a Design History File (DHF)?

Documentation is an essential part of designing a new medical device, getting regulatory approval, and then maintaining compliance while the product is on the market. A crucial part of that documentation is the Design History File (DHF).

What is DFA – Design for Assembly – in Medical Device Design?

Design for assembly, or DFA, means designing a new medical device product so it can be assembled as easily as possible. It is a crucial part of the design process, particularly as the product moves to the pilot manufacturing, full manufacturing, and commercialisation stages.

Medical Device Design and Development Trends for 2022

Innovation and the medical device industry go hand in hand. At the same time, the industry is impacted by broader challenges, as well as being influenced by the demands and expectations of healthcare professionals and patients. Taking all this into account, what are the trends we should look out for in 2022 and beyond?

Arrotek’s Complete Service Offering

There is a detailed and complex process involved in bringing an idea for a new medical device product from the early concept point through to a stage where it is being used by physicians in real-world clinical settings. The process includes all the typical elements you would find in any product design project. However, there are also regulatory considerations that need to be taken into account. Those considerations focus on minimising patient risk while ensuring the medical device is effective.

Balloon Catheter Design – Process Overview and Key Considerations

Balloon catheters are used for a range of medical procedures and applications, from delivering stents to opening blockages to dilating vessels to delivering therapeutics directly to a target location in the body. As a result, balloon catheters have transformed patient outcomes, particularly in complex procedures.

Occlusion Balloon Catheter Design and Development Overview

Occlusion balloon catheters are widely used for a range of medical procedures and treatments, from emergency haemorrhage control or the treatment of neurovascular aneurysms, to temporarily stopping the flow of blood during heart surgery. Despite the varied applications that currently exist, there continues to be new innovations in occlusion balloon catheter design.

An Introduction to Stent Delivery System Design Considerations

Stent delivery systems, particularly those that involve balloon catheters, have been used in a range of different medical procedures for many years. This doesn’t mean innovation in this area of medical device design has stopped. Quite the opposite, in fact, as new and highly innovative solutions continue to be developed.

Neurovascular Microcatheter Design Overview

Neurovascular microcatheters have transformed the treatment of patients around the world. They enable minimally invasive treatments in a challenging part of the body, so have significantly advanced healthcare in this field.

Interventional Guidewires Design – An Overview

Since their introduction in the early 1980s, interventional guidewires have transformed medical procedures beyond recognition. This, in turn, has transformed patient outcomes, highlighting the importance of innovative interventional guidewire design.

Case Study: Advanced Mechanical Circulatory Support Technologies for High-Risk Coronary Interventions

The treatment of coronary heart disease has advanced rapidly over recent decades. For example, in patients deemed unsuitable for cardiac surgery, the introduction of percutaneous procedures significantly reduced mortality rates. Further advances in minimally invasive approaches have improved patient outcomes even further. This includes high-risk percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI), where interventional cardiologists treat extreme cases.

Advancing Telemedicine Trends with Photochemical Etching

The COVID pandemic forced all of us into a new norm of social distancing, mask wearing, and remote communication. Some industries within manufacturing struggled to adapt their business strategies to maintain production. Others thrived with the new opportunities that the pandemic prompted.

Berry Global Commits to Reducing Scope 3 Emissions by 25% by 2025

EVANSVILLE, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 2022-- Surpassing its initial goal of an 8% reduction in Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions four years ahead of schedule, Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE:BERY) commits to reducing its absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions 25% by 2025 (from the same 2019 baseline).

Nonwoven Facilities Recognized as Zero Waste to Landfill in Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Markets

EVANSVILLE, Ind., February 3, 2022 – In alignment with its operational Impact 2025 sustainability goals, Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) announced all of its Health, Hygiene, and Specialities Division facilities located in China as zero waste to landfill. These facilities join the Division’s global list of 12 facilities to receive the prestigious internal recognition. Berry encourages all sites to embark on a zero waste to landfill journey, defined internally as diverting over 90% of waste away from disposal, with less than 1% of waste being disposed via landfill.

Qosina Announces Launch of New Bioprocess Resource Center

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, May 11, 2022—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Bioprocess Resource Center, an information source for the bioprocess industry.

Rousselot® Biomedical announces the launch of Quali-Pure HGP 2000

Irving, United States, May 4 2022 / Sciad Newswire / Rousselot®, Darling Ingredients’ health brand and the global leader of collagen-based solutions1, launches Quali-Pure™ HGP 2000, a new endotoxin-controlled, pharmaceutical-grade gelatin specifically designed for vaccines and wound healing applications. As the latest addition to Rousselot Biomedical’s rapidly expanding product offering, this new non-gelling hydrolyzed gelatin further extends the scope of biomedical applications covered by Rousselot products.

Qosina Expands Pinch Clamp Product Line – More Than 125 Options Available

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, April 26, 2022—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to introduce a new selection of pinch clamps made from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), an alternative to nylon that is used in the manufacture of many types of single-use components.

Rousselot Biomedical announces the world’s first GelMA produced under GMP

Irving, United States, 13th April 2022 / Sciad Newswire / Rousselot®, Darling Ingredients’ health brand, and the global leader of collagen-based solutions1 announces the launch of GMP grade GelMA. X-Pure® GelMA is the first gelatin methacryloyl, or GelMA, on the market to be produced under GMP conditions2.

Evonik launches osteoconductive VESTAKEEP® Fusion PEEK filament for 3D printed implants

Darmstadt, Germany. Evonik is further expanding its portfolio of 3D-printable biomaterials for medical technology: The specialty chemicals company has developed VESTAKEEP® iC4800 3DF, a new osteoconductive PEEK filament that improves fusion between bone and implants. The high-performance polymer can be processed in common extrusion-based 3D printing technologies such as fused filament fabrication (FFF). Evonik will present the new product for the first time at the AAOS trade show in Chicago, USA (March 22-26, 2022).

New 120×84 pixel Infrared Thermopile Array

Heimann Sensor has pushed thermopile array technology to the next level with an increased thermal resolution of 120x84 pixel elements. The beauty of this new array is the reduced pixel pitch, which is now 60 µm instead of 90 µm. This results in similar focal plane dimensions for both the 80x64 and 120x84 array. Thanks to same TO-8 housing and 6 pin SPI interface this facilitates a drop-in solution to replace the 80x64 with the 120x84 array. If you are already using the 80x64 array, you can just replace it with the 120x84 array to have better resolution while everything else remains unchanged except for the software.


Heimann Sensor was able to manufacture more than 1.5 million high quality lens type single element thermopile sensors HMS M21 L3.0 in the last 18 months. These small sized sensors are mainly used for high quality forehead thermometers with medical accuracy. The lens allows to have a small measurement spot on the forehead, while the large TP2 chip generates a high signal-to-noise ratio. This facilitates high accuracy non-contact temperature measurements and can be employed in an industrial context.

N2 Biomedical Announces the First Surgical Implant of a Spinal Device Coated with the Company’s Thin, Ion-Assisted Titanium Coating Technology

BEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — N2 Biomedical, a leading provider of coating and surface treatment solutions to the medical device industry, today announced that the first PEEK interbody fusion device coated with the company’s thin titanium coating technology was successfully implanted in a patient. The coated device had previously received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA. N2 Biomedical’s thin titanium coating, which is a member of the company’s NanoTitanium™ family of coatings, is less than a micrometer thick and is deposited using an advanced vacuum coating technology known as Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD), a process which combines evaporation with concurrent ion bombardment to provide unparalleled coating adhesion and control over properties such as surface morphology and coating density. The coating process has been fully validated, and N2 Biomedical has a Master File available for reference at the FDA.

Decreasing the cost of ownership for medical devices

As medical service providers stretch their budgets to support an expanding and ageing patient list, they need device and component manufacturers to provide more value-oriented solutions that reduce the cost-of-ownership

Oliver Wight EAME and SAP form alliance to offer industry-leading business planning and technology solutions Oliver

It's our pleasure to announce that business transformation specialist, Oliver Wight EAME has formed an alliance with leading enterprise application software provider, SAP, to deliver significant innovation in the business planning arena. Combining their extensive experience, knowledge and resources, the partnership will enable companies to better serve their customers, helping those businesses to effectively execute against their strategic ambitions in this era of digital disruption.

Sandvik has acquired the medical wire forming company Accuratech Group

Sandvik has acquired the Swiss based company Accuratech Group, a niched medical wire forming and component manufacturer. The product offering includes ultra-fine wires and micro-tubes, semi-finished wire components, electroplating and other products and services mainly used for the medical industry. The company will be reported in Kanthal, a division in Sandvik Materials Technology.

Sustainability in toolmaking

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - these are the R's for more sustainability. Fleima-Plastic shows that the Reuse principle can also work well in its own toolmaking.

Merit receives first MDR Notified Body certificate of compliance

The MDD to MDR transition period concluded with the official MDR date of application on May 26, 2021. During this transition period, Merit’s global team has worked on the comprehensive implementation of the European Union’s new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

The role of heating technology in medical equipment

There are around 10,000 different medical devices on the market today. Each individual piece of equipment must be manufactured to the highest standards to ensure accurate, efficient and safe results. Here, Andy Selvy, Chief System Designer at industrial technology company Watlow, discusses medical device trends and how heating technology plays a vital role in the function of medical equipment.

Supporting analytical innovation with advanced heaters

~ How ULTRAMIC heaters support innovative analytical equipment designs ~ Advanced ceramic heaters offer numerous benefits in the design of analytical equipment. Many of the heaters used in industry today are metal sheathed, a long-standing technology that has been available for over 30 years. While such heaters are excellent for a wide variety of complex thermal applications, today’s newer and more advanced analytical equipment requires higher performance and precision. Here, Andy Selvy Chief System Designer at industrial technology company Watlow, explores the benefits of advanced ceramic heaters.

Tegra Medical Announces New Director of Sales and Marketing in Europe

August 02, 2021. FRANKLIN, MA - Tegra Medical, a premiere end-to-end contract manufacturer in the medical device industry, is pleased to announce that Darren Vine has accepted the position of Director of Sales and Marketing, Europe. Vine will report to Walter Kobler, Chief Executive Officer and Head of SFS Division Medical, and will be responsible for continuing to build the company’s presence as it expands into new worldwide markets.

Eclipta edge card technology

Smiths Interconnect today announced the release of Eclipta. This high performance edge card technology for disposable medical applications has a range of innovative features that allow for quick and reliable connections whilst delivering the serviceability and affordability required by a broad range of critical medical devices.

Advanced Powder Products Wins Grand Prize in Medical/Dental Category for Metal Injection Molding

Philipsburg, PA July 28, 2020 – Applications that require small, complex metal components have been turning to powder metallurgy technologies like Metal Injection Molding (MIM) to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Due to its design flexibility, MIM manufacturing continues to gain popularity among those needing small, durable components, including automotive, medical/dental device, aerospace, defense and firearms industries.

Advanced Powder Products, Inc. Completes New 25,000 Square-Foot Manufacturing Facility

Philipsburg, PA November 5, 2020 – We are proud to announce that our new 25,000 square-foot manufacturing building is now complete. The metal injection molding industry is growing at a rate of 5 to 7 percent and APP is proud to be one of the fastest growing companies in the United States for the last four years. With that growth, we were quickly running out of space. The completion of our building expansion will support our growth by adding capacity for subsequent years. This allows APP to vertically integrate to better serve our growing customer base and needs.

Qosina Expands Class VI Tubing Portfolio for Single-Use Medical Device and Bioprocess Applications

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, June 9, 2021—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and bioprocess industries, has expanded their Class VI tubing portfolio to include 50 new products. Qosina offers an extensive selection of stock and custom tubing in conveniently packaged small coils for prototyping and extended lengths for large-scale production requirements. Choose from more than 150 off-the-shelf options in a variety of brands, types, diameters, durometers and materials.

Watlow’s New 1/32 DIN PM LEGACY™ Controller is the First in the Industry to Feature Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

St. Louis, MO – Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, recently introduced its new 1/32 DIN PM LEGACY™ controllers, which are the first 1/32 DIN controllers on the market to incorporate Bluetooth® wireless technology. Bluetooth® is used to enable EZ-LINK™, Watlow’s mobile app for setting up, monitoring and adjusting PM PLUS™ and PM LEGACY controllers.

Qosina Partners with Nordson MEDICAL to Support Single-Use Bioprocess Integrators and Medical Device Manufacturers

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, May 25, 2021—Qosina is pleased to announce that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Nordson MEDICAL, a premier manufacturer and supplier of components to the bioprocess and medical device industries. Qosina offers low minimum order quantities, providing a cost-effective way to order exact quantities needed. Nordson MEDICAL customers who wish to purchase lower quantities of medical device and bioprocess components may place these types of orders directly with Qosina at www.qosina.com.

Boston Micro Fabrication Announces Partnership with Dreigeist GbR

BOSTON (April 27, 2021) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today announced their partnership with Dreigeist, an application developer, technology service provider and an independent distributor of market-leading industrial 3D printers, materials, and software located in Nuremburg, Germany. Dreigeist have added BMF’s microArch S140 to their application center, a micro-precision 3D printer designed for production of high resolution, highly precise parts able to achieve 10 µm resolution, at +/- 25 µm part tolerance. Dreigeist will distribute BMF’s line of micro-precision 3D printers to customers throughout Germany who are looking for an ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision micro 3D printing solution as well as provide local application engineering and technical support. The microArch 140 uses a proprietary approach to 3D printing named PμSL (Projection Micro-Stereolithography) that leverages light and enables the technology to produce incredibly high-resolution prints. Today, BMF has the only micro 3D printing platform that matches precision injection molding in terms of resolution, size, and tolerance.

Boston Micro Fabrication Announces Partnership with Materialise

BOSTON (February 23, 2021) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today announced a software partnership with Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing solutions. Magics Print for BMF offers a tailored, turnkey solution for build setup and data preparation for BMF’s Projection Micro Stereolithography (PμSL) micro-precision 3D printing systems from industry leader Materialise.

Boston Micro Fabrication Announces Partnership with The CREATE Education Project

BOSTON (October 15, 2020) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today announced a reseller partnership with The CREATE Education Project, a 3D printing company committed to supporting educators, educational institutions, outreach and community programs. The CREATE Education Project purchased BMF’s microArchTM S140, a micro-precision 3D printer designed for production of high resolution, highly precise parts, and will be offering the technology to customers who want to print parts with ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision.   

BMF Reveals the microArchTM S240: The First Micro-Precision 3D Printer for Industrial Production

BOSTON – (September 23, 2020) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today unveiled the microArch™ S240, the first and only micro-precision 3D printer designed to meet the needs of short-run industrial production. This newest printer in BMF’s line combines a larger build volume, faster printing speeds and advanced materials with the same ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision that the company is known for. 

Boston Micro Fabrication partners with Empire Group to deliver micro-precision 3D parts

BOSTON (May 12th, 2020) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today announced their partnership with Empire Group, a full-service product development company specializing in industrial design and engineering, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. Empire Group purchased BMF’s microArchTM S140, a micro-precision 3D printer designed for production of high resolution, highly precise parts able to achieve 10 µm resolution, +/- 25 µm tolerance. Empire Group will be offering BMF’s technology to customers who want to print parts with ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision.

BMF Unveils microArchTM, The Industry’s Most Accuract and Precise High-Resolution 3D Printer for Commercial Precision Manufacturing

BOSTON – (February 11, 2020) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today announced the global launch of microArch, the industry’s most accurate and precise, high-resolution microscale 3D printing solution for commercial use.  microArch introduces a number of technological breakthroughs that allow the technology to print ultra high-resolution parts with unparalleled accuracy and precision at scale.

BMF Appoints 3D Printing Industry Veteran John Kawola as CEO, Global Operations

BOSTON – (January 31, 2020) – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in micro-precision 3D printing systems, today announced the recent appointment of John Kawola as Chief Executive Officer-Global Operations.  Kawola brings more than two decades of business leadership experience across the across the additive manufacturing, 3D printing and materials science industries. At BMF, John will apply his breadth of experience toward scaling the global business by driving sales and marketing initiatives, while helping the company penetrate new markets and launch new products.  Xiaoning He, co-founder and current CEO, will continue to lead efforts for BMF in Asia.

Apple Rubber

Lancaster, N.Y. (April 13, 2021) — Apple Rubber is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the industry. Founded in 1971 in Lancaster, NY, Apple Rubber began as a small manufacturer of rubber sealing solutions. Through 50 years of innovating and responding to the changing needs of customers worldwide, Apple Rubber has introduced a variety of new products, expanded material sciences and developed expert engineering services.

Qosina Announces New 2022 Medical and Bioprocess Components Catalog

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, May 4, 2021—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest edition full-line product catalog, available in both print and digital formats.

Qosina Announces Expanded Portfolio for Bioprocess Single-use Systems

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, April 13, 2021—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce a new extension to their product portfolio, developed specifically for the needs of the single-use bioprocess industry. Qosina now offers a comprehensive selection of components for the design, development and manufacture of single-use systems (SUS).

Tegra Medical Announces Major Expansions in Massachusetts and Mississippi

Continuing a steady path of growth in the medical device manufacturing industry, Tegra Medical announced today the purchase of an additional building across the street from its Franklin, MA headquarters and an expansion of its space in Hernando, MS. Together they will increase the company’s worldwide square footage by more than 53 percent to 356,000 square feet.

Qosina Offers Vast Selection of Critical Care Components for Respiratory Medical Device Design

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, February 4, 2021—Qosina offers countless off-the-shelf solutions for oxygen and respiratory medical device projects, stocking a range of non-sterile respiratory care components in a variety of materials, sizes, colors and configurations. This includes pediatric and adult sizes, as well as many BPA- and latex-free, PVC, and DEHP-free PVC options. Qosina also stocks an assortment of respiratory accessories, such as hose clips, in-line flow indicators and more.

Qosina Adds 12 New Fluid and Gas Filters to Its Inventory

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, January 8, 2021—Qosina recently added 12 new filter options for fluid and gas applications. The company’s extensive filter product line includes a variety of hydrophilic and hydrophobic filters, transducer protectors, and an assortment of NRFit™ filters that comply with the ISO 80369-6 standard.

Evonik launches next-generation PEEK biomaterial for medical technology applications

Evonik has developed a new osteoconductive polyether ether ketone (PEEK) for the medical technology market that improves the fusion between the bone and the implant. With the introduction of the new biomaterial, the specialty chemicals company is launching a new product line of next-generation, PEEK-based implant materials that it will market under the brand name VESTAKEEP® Fusion. Evonik will unveil the product at the virtual Eurospine conference October 6–9.

A Focus on Quality – AI in Quality Assurance

The R&D department at CAQ AG has researched the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to identify non-valid measurement values. This knowledge today already comes to use in shape of a new type of data validation that facilitates the analysis of process deviations via the CAQ.Net software suite.

A Focus on Quality – OpenAPI and the Industrial Internet of Things

The new API in CAQ.Net facilitates real-time communication with virtually any third-party application. It allows you to integrate our software into any element of your IT-system landscape and to depict almost any CAQ.Net function within your MES, ERP, or individual app – thus paving the way for an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

A Focus on Quality – Software Beats Paper

In the area of quality management, it is almost impossible to meet the strict requirements of standards and guidelines regarding the handling of documents without holistic and fully integrated document management software.

A Focus on Quality – Get Your Project Started

All departments in a company regularly face the job of fulfilling projects. The initial aspects generally revolve around questions such as how to best fulfil the project target or how much time the project will require: who should do what when? This is where the project management software Projects.Net comes into play. By drawing personnel and scheduling matters into consideration and combing this information with various workflow-specific aspects, Projects.Net facilitates a well-structured project management that assists companies throughout the completion of targets.

A Focus on Quality – Processes & Audits

It’s audit-time again and the auditor wants to see just how well the company is in control of its quality management system. Amongst other aspects, the auditor is primarily interested in the company’s processes. Ah yes, there’s that word again – “process”. Regardless of whether ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 certification, all these standards require that responsibilities and workflows are recorded in writing in shape of expressive process descriptions. How well these process descriptions are thought through and designed can, amongst other aspects, be the factor that decides whether certification is successful or not.

A Focus on Quality – E-Learning

Implementing digital concepts such as e-learning helps companies to develop the full potential of their employees and thereby set the course toward sustainable success.

A Focus on Quality – Process Visualization with Turtle Diagrams

Whether organizing company structures, depicting responsibilities, or communicating interdepartmental SOPs – processes are the centrepiece of corporate leadership and the key to successful company management and product development. Apart from structuring day-to-day business, the transparent visualization of processes, responsibilities, targets and risks also directly assists companies on their way to successful certification.

A Focus on Quality – Software Customizing in CAQ.Net

As a software user you sometimes come to the point where you think: wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make this field a mandatory field? Hide this field and rename that one? Insert an additional button right here that opens an external program or calls up a website? Customize this form precisely to meet the needs of a particular customer?

A Focus on Quality – Gauge Management as Integral Part of Quality Assurance

Gauges are essentially the sole interface between the measured object and the measured value and it is safe to say that this value lies at the beginning of all quality management efforts. If, for whatever reason, the value is not measured correctly, all subsequent QM processes such as incoming/outgoing goods inspections, SPC, or quality planning will be in vain.

Evonik launches new radiopaque PEEK material for implant technology

Evonik is expanding its product range of biocompatible high-performance polymers of its VESTAKEEP® PEEK brand for medical technology: The specialty chemical company has developed a new radiopaque plastic material of implant quality on the basis of polyether ether ketone.

Fotofab’s New Direct Imaging Machine Optimizes Chemical Etching Process

Chicago, IL, June 29, 2020 —Fotofab, LLC (fotofab.com) has acquired a new CBT (Chime Ball Technologies) (cbtech.com.tw/en) direct imaging (DI) machine from Technica, USA (technica.com) to optimize its chemical etching process and provide a more advanced level of precision and speed for thin metal parts.

Collet Closer on Rotary/Tilt Stage

Mundt builds high quality Rotary Stages for a wide variety of applications. Rotary Stages are built primarily for the purpose of workholding or beam manipulation. Most Rotary Stages available on the market have either a Collet Closer or a Chuck, whereas Mundt builds Rotary Stages can have a flat face, a collet, a chuck or all 3 configurations.

Qosina Provides Cost-Effective Off-the-Shelf and Custom Tubing

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, June 2, 2020—Qosina offers a wide selection of in-stock tubing for prototyping and large-scale production requirements. The medical-grade, high quality tubing is conveniently packaged in small or large coils and available in a diverse range of materials including PVC, DEHP-free PVC, silicone, FEP and HDPE. Qosina’s multilayer, universal bubble, single lumen and dispensing tubing solutions include popular brands such as Tygon®, PharmaFluor® and C-Flex®.

Compounding Solutions named North American distributor of Evonik’s care medical grades from high performance polymers for medical device market

Compounding Solutions LLC, a global leader in custom medical plastics compounding, has been named the distributor of Evonik's portfolio of Vestamid Care ML polyamide 12, Vestamid Care ME polyether block amide (PEBA), Trogamid Care clear polyamide, and Vestakeep Care PEEK medical grade polymers for the North American temporary contact (in vivo

InnovationsContract Manufacturing

Compounding Solutions: 20 years of Quality

Compounding Solutions, a leading polymer compound manufacturing company, is proud to announce its 20th Anniversary in business as a premiere medical compounder. Scott Neal founded the company in May 1999, and it's well known for developing custom compounds that are engineered to meet the specific requirements of demanding applications. Compounding Solutions has achieved two decades of innovation and steady growth.

InnovationsContract Manufacturing

Rockland Announces General Release of BioQuantiPro™ Host Cell Protein Screening Kit for Bioprocessing

Limerick, PA. September 4, 2018 – Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. announced today the general release of their new BioQuantiPro™ CHO-HCP ELISA Kit for detection and screening of host cell protein (HCP) contaminants in bioprocessing. The kit was specifically designed with Rockland’s novel, validated antibodies to detect HCP contaminants and to measure analytes from crude cellular harvests, cell culture lysates, and process intermediates. The BioQuantiPro CHO-HCP ELISA Kit boasts the highest coverage of generic CHO-HCP kits, low variability, and, most importantly, the data to back it all up.

The Conversation: James Fendrick

Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. in Limerick Township, Montgomery County, is part of the foundations in that research. It develops antibodies, substrates and other chemicals for biotech research and testing.

Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Awarded SBIR Funding for Systemic Pre-targeted Radioimmunothearpy with Bispecific Single Domain Antibodies for Cancer Treatment

Limerick, PA. November 14th, 2016 – Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland) announced today the award of a $299,625 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop bispecific single chain recombinant antibodies for pre-targeted cancer diagnostic imaging and treatment. The funds will be distributed among Rockland and its collaborators, Abzyme Therapeutics (Limerick, PA) and Dr. Carolyn Anderson of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pittsburgh, PA). This joint strategic effort will promote the generation of novel reagents and new insights for cancer imaging and therapeutic research.

Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Awarded SBIR Funding to Develop Antibody-Based Point of Care Device for the Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease

Limerick, PA. September 8th, 2014 – Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland) announced today the award of a $224,473 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the NIH National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to develop an antibody-based point of care device for the diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), a mutation that is carried in approximately 7% of the world’s population. Rockland secured the award by demonstrating the technology and processes it deploys to develop and to produce leading edge life science tools for basic and clinical research focused on functional genomics and drug discovery markets.

The Binding Site & Rockland Immunochemicals Enter into Distribution Agreement

UK based specialist diagnostic manufacturer, The Binding Site Group Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive, definitive agreement with Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., of Limerick, PA, to grant Rockland global distribution rights for Binding Site’s line of animal-focused radial immunodiffusion (RID) test kits. The availability of this unique range of products exclusively through Rockland will benefit the needs of laboratory professionals conducting basic, applied, and clinical research in the veterinary, biomedical, life-science, genomics, and drug discovery fields.

Formula Pharmaceuticals and Rockland Immunochemicals Enter Into a Collaboration To Develop C.I.K. CAR™ Immunotherapy Pipeline for the Treatment of Cancer

Berwyn, PA, and Limerick, PA – February 22, 2016 – Formula Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. announced today the establishment of a collaboration for the preclinical development of Formula’s Cytokine Induced Killer (C.I.K.) cell-based Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) cancer immunotherapies at Rockland’s R&D facility. Under the collaboration, Rockland will provide and manage Formula’s specially hired preclinical research team. Further, Rockland will provide the classified research facilities for Formula’s preclinical development needs in its newly established, scalable 60,000 sq ft R&D facility.

Rockland Immunochemicals Donates 100% of “Pink” Product Proceeds to Breastcancer.org

Gilbertsville, PA. January 20th, 2014 – Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. today announced that it donated $6,700 to Breastcancer.org, based on the sales of “Pink products”. In October 2013, Rockland declared seven groups of products “pink” in an effort to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These product categories included a variety of conjugates, ATTO dyes and protein markers.

Rockland Hosts Meeting on STEM Job Creation with PA Officials and Regional Organizations

September 14, 2015, Limerick, Pa. – On September 9th, Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., conducted an event with leading representatives spanning Government, Non-Profit, Industry and Education. Attendees included Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Mensch, State Representative Tom Quigley, John Munera of State Senator John Rafferty, Jr.’s office, and officials from The Wistar Institute, Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), and PABio.

Rockland Immunochemicals Expands Laboratories to Keep Pace with Growth

Limerick, PA. May 28, 2014 – Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. expands laboratories to address increased demand for life science research tools. Recognizing the increased demand in its core business segments – antibody products and services - Rockland began planning for its new facility in 2012.

Rockland Immunochemicals Commits $1 Million to Joy Cappel “Young Investigator Awards”

Limerick, PA. April 7th, 2014 – Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. today announced a new annual award will be given to promising young investigators including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, or other young scientists. This award is intended to help young investigators establish themselves in the areas of oncology, nuclear signaling, developmental biology, epigenetics, immunology, microbiology, neuroscience, signal transduction or stem cell technology. For each of the next ten years, Rockland is awarding $100,000 in total to twenty-five qualified candidates.

Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Introduces Melanoma Cell Lines in Collaboration with The Wistar Institute

Limerick, PA. February 1st, 2016 – Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland) announced today, the availability of a new collection of human been developed and characterized over several decades in the lab of Dr. Meenhard Herlyn, D.V.M., D. Sci., Caspar Wistar Professor in Melanoma Research, Director of the Melanoma Research Center, and professor in the Molecular and Cellular Oncogenesis Program at The Wistar Institute. Over one hundred of these human melanoma cell lines will now be grown and exclusively distributed by Rockland. This new agreement comes as the first development from the institutions’ new partnership, announced in July 2015.

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group & Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Collaborate Together on a 3D Bioprinting Discovery Project

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC, (CEDARVILLE) and Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., today announced a research collaboration designed to explore the development of innovative applications in 3D bioprinting that will advance life science research and accelerate the drug discovery process. Interest in 3D bioprinting has emerged in recent years. Applications for 3D bioprinting include drug screening, precision and regenerative medicine, food products and biosensors. The project is expected to leverage the expertise CEDARVILLE has in 3D modeling and printing, and the insight Rockland has in developing cutting-edge reagents and cell culture processes critical to novel biotechnologies.

Rockland Immunochemicals has Invested Minority Interest in Abzyme Therapeutics, LLC

Limerick, PA. January 28th, 2015 – Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. today announced that it has acquired a minority interest in Abzyme Therapeutics, LLC (Abzyme). Abzyme’s unique technology, designed to develop therapeutic antibodies, comes as an interest to Rockland after the two companies worked together on several former and ongoing National Institute of Health (NIH) funded projects.

The upward acceleration of Turkish Cargo is maintained in 2018

Reaching 302 destinations in 121 countries with the cargo transport capacity of Turkish Airlines, which flies to the most countries worldwide, and operating additional direct cargo flights to 85 destinations thanks to the fleet of freighters, Turkish Cargo achieved a total of 55.614t of cargo sales in February, with an increase by 37.8% on year-on-year basis, as reported by the WACD (World Air Cargo Data).

Phillips-Medisize presents innovative packaging concepts and connected drug delivery devices during PharmaPack Paris

Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company will showcase its continuum of contract services including device strategy, product development and manufacture across pharmaceutical primary packaging and specialty drug delivery devices, dosing and dispensing systems, inhalators, spray applicators, as well as wearable drug delivery devices designed to improve patient engagement and drive better outcomes.

Constantia Flexibles gives chocolate Santa Clause his typical look

Every year, Constantia Flexibles manufactures packaging for more than 50% of the 150 million chocolate Santa Clauses produced in Germany. With the company’s patented Tepro2® method, they can be unwrapped in one piece without breaking the chocolate. The aluminum foil prevents the migration of printing ink components and other substances from the outside and offers complete protection from the light.

Flexicare (Group) Limited Acquisition of Medisize B.V.

Flexicare (Group) Limited (“Flexicare”), a leading UK headquartered manufacturer of medical devices, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Medisize B.V. from an affiliate of Phillips-Medisize, LLC (“Phillips-Medisize”).

Obwalden (Switzerland) – Your key to success

If you seek to start a company in Switzerland or relocate your existing company, that is a step requiring a lot of consideration and a well thought-out strategy. Business & residential promotion in Obwalden is there to assist you with advice and support. Within the business location of Switzerland, the canton of Obwalden offers ideal conditions for your success.

Obwalden (Switzerland) – Find your new home in Obwalden

Switzerland’s quality of life is ranked among the top places in the world. Obwalden easily meets these demands. The canton of Obwalden is characterised by its exceptional diversity. Here, the advantages of Central Switzerland come together.

Obwalden (Switzerland) – Quality of life in the highest degree

Living in Obwalden is like being on vacation. Enjoy the stunning beauty of central Switzerland in quiet, idyllic surroundings while benefiting from an unrivalled central location right in the heart of Switzerland. Thanks to its advantageous location in the geographic centre of Switzerland and its outstanding transportation links, you’re only minutes away from the most important centres.

Obwalden (Switzerland) – An attractive business location

In Obwalden, innovative companies are given opportunities for economic development in a culture that produces success. In addition to the high-tech sector, Obwalden has a strong presence in the food and synthetic materials industry.

Qosina acquires Alpha Industries, Inc.

Qosina Corporation is pleased to announce that it has acquired Alpha Industries, Inc., a disposable component manufacturer headquartered in Clearwater, FL.

LRE Medical announces new partnerships on the BIOCDx Project

LRE Medical is proud to announce partnership with the National Technical University of Athens, LioniX International, Photonic Communications Research Laboratory (PCRL), CSEM, Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens (BRFAA), Future Diagnostics and Lead Pharma on the BIOCDx Project

Konplan: The Business Potencial of Data Collection

The internet of things (IoT) brings new benefits every day because remote monitoring of production, sales and maintenance facilitates continuous optimisation. As an essential means of the digital revolution, it can also create opportunities for new business models.

Qosina adds two Tuohy Borst adapters to its line

Qosina is pleased to announce two new tuohy borst adapters. One adapter features a female luer lock sideport connector (#80460), while the other has a six-inch DEHP-free PVC sideport tube to a female luer lock connector (#80461).

Invibio and Double Medical: Driving implantable devices using PEEK-OPTIMA into China

At the 10th Annual Congress of the Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (CAOS), long-standing development partners Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, UK, and China’s Double Medical Technology Inc. collaborated on an interbody spine surgery workshop to help expand knowledge of the implantation of Double Medical’s Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion (DLIF) spinal cages made with PEEK-OPTIMA.

Obwalden (Switzerland) – as of 2017, no inheritance or gift taxes!

Obwalden is an ideal business location, has tax legislation that is both business-friendly and citizen-friendly, straightforward official channels, excellent traffic connections and a pristine landscape. So if you are looking for the perfect mix, you'll be happy in Obwalden!

Safe Microcontroller Programming Practices

The Internet of Things (IoT) will eventually connect not only computers, but all of the electronic devices in our lives. This network will provide situation-specific support in virtually every area of day-to-day life.

Compelling Connections

ODU introduces new ODU-MAC portfolio and extensive range of solutions – at the electronica 2016 in Hall B2, Booth 143

Phillips-Medisize to be acquired by Molex LLC

Phillips-Medisize Corporation (Phillips-Medisize), a global leader in outsource design, development and manufacturing services for the medical industry announced today that it has entered into a binding agreement to be acquired by Molex LLC (Molex), a global manufacturer of complete interconnect solutions. Phillips-Medisize is a portfolio company of San Francisco, CA-based Golden Gate Capital, a private equity investment firm with approximately $15 billion of capital under management.

Phillips-Medisize to be acquired by Molex LLC

Phillips-Medisize Corporation (Phillips-Medisize), a global leader in outsource design, development and manufacturing services for the medical industry announced today that it has entered into a binding agreement to be acquired by Molex LLC (Molex), a global manufacturer of complete interconnect solutions. Phillips-Medisize is a portfolio company of San Francisco, CA-based Golden Gate Capital, a private equity investment firm with approximately $15 billion of capital under management.

Disposable liquid flow sensors for biomedical applications

Sensirion AG (Switzerland), the market and innovation leader for digital microsensors, takes last year’s award-winning LD20 design study to the next level: the new disposable liquid flow sensor series is equipped with luer lock fittings for easy integration into the fluidic line and offers fast, precise, and reliable measurement of low and ultralow flow rates.

Most accurate digital humidity sensor

Sensirion, the world’s leading provider of humidity, temperature and flow sensor solutions, is once again taking sensor technology to a new level. At the Sensor+Test 2016 in Nuremberg, the technology pioneer is presenting the SHT35 humidity sensor – the most accurate sensor of the versatile SHT3x series.

Autoclavable flow meters for medical applications

Sensirion, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, gas and liquid flows, will be at the COMPAMED 2015 trade fair to present its new autoclavable mass flow meters, the SFM3200-AW and the SFM3300-AW, for the first time.

New versions of the world’s smallest SDP3x differential pressure sensor

Sensirion, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors, is expanding its SDP3x series. The extended measurement range and the additional features of the new differential pressure sensor – such as I2C address selection – open up an even broader scope of application possibilities in the medical technology and consumer goods industry.

World’s smallest differential pressure sensor opens up new applications

At this year’s medical technology trade fair MD&M West, Sensirion, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors for the measurement and control of humidity, gas and liquid flows, will be showcasing a genuine innovation – the world’s smallest differential pressure sensor.

Phillips-Medisize to acquire Injectronics

Strengthens franchise in consumable diagnostics contract manufacturing. Extends footprint into northeastern US and enhances services to biopharma, consumable diagnostics and medical device customers.

EPOS4 Positioning Controller

maxon motor's EPOS range of controllers has been very successful in the marketplace. Since its launch in 2005, more than 100,000 units are in use worldwide. To build upon this success, the Swiss drive specialist launches the EPOS4 as the next generation of positioning controllers.

DevicesDrug Delivery

Vizinex RFID releases Sentry Slim Skinnie RFID tag

Vizinex RFID, the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance RFID tags tailored to specific applications, is proud to announce it has launched a new high-performance UHF RFID tag, the Sentry Slim Skinnie.

SHL’s Corporate Website Now Available in 8 Languages

As an international organization that provides for the global market, SHL is excited to announce the addition of Spanish – one of the most prolific languages in the world – to the company’s corporate website. This brings the total number of supported languages to eight, including English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Korean.

SHL Presents Newly Consolidated Core Values

Responding to the rapid growth and expansion of SHL Group around the globe, a new management structure has been introduced to the company to further optimize internal operations and allow for clearer boundaries and scopes of responsibility. With this change came the introduction of SHL’s newly consolidated core company values, which further emphasizes SHL’s dedication to customers and employees alike.

Introducing Mattress Replacement Quick Set Up Guide Video

As a company that develops and manufactures equipment solutions for home, hospital, and long-term care use with a focus on patient comfort and functionality, SHL Healthcare provides a broad range of products, including robust mattress systems. To help users better understand how to replace a mattress, we have provided the quick setup video.

SHL Presents Newly Consolidated Core Values

Responding to the rapid growth and expansion of SHL Group around the globe, a new management structure has been introduced to the company to further optimize internal operations and allow for clearer boundaries and scopes of responsibility. With this change came the introduction of SHL’s newly consolidated core company values, which further emphasizes SHL’s dedication to customers and employees alike.

SHL Group Reaches Major Milestone of 3,000 Employees

Within just two years of reaching a milestone of 2,500 employees, SHL Group has rapidly reached 3,000 employees worldwide. This increase is reflective of a steady yet rapid growth in the injectable drug delivery market and SHL’s effective commitment, productivity and management.

SHL’s Corporate Website Now Available in 8 Languages

As an international organization that provides for the global market, SHL is excited to announce the addition of Spanish – one of the most prolific languages in the world – to the company’s corporate website. This brings the total number of supported languages to eight, including English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Korean.

Podcast – Responding to Industry Trends for Auto Injectors and Pen Injectors

To stay innovative and competitive as a leading provider in advanced drug delivery devices such as auto injectors and pen injectors, SHL continuously invests in developing new pragmatic products that reflect industry trends and end-user needs. Most recent examples include the higher volume auto injector, Molly® 2.25, as well as Molly®C – a connected device that responds to the definitive trend amid widespread use of the internet. Both devices are based on the well-known Molly® auto injector, a 2-step device that revolutionized the industry with its simplicity, ease-of-use and compactness.

DevicesDrug Delivery

Podcast – Keeping up with shifting trends: Connected Medical Devices

An inevitable trend we observe today is the adoption of the Internet of things. Along with the widespread of connected technologies, opportunities have continued to emerge for various industries. With the pharmaceutical industry experiencing a paradigm shift, where focus is turning from specific drugs to patient outcomes, opportunities like this allow for integration of medical devices and connectivity to further support patient compliance through better guidance, tracking and more.

DevicesDrug Delivery

AUTOMATICA 2016 – Professional service robotics humans and robots in the service of patients

Service robotics is revolutionising medicine and healthcare; high-tech is providing more quality from surgery to rehabilitation. In the creation of diagnoses, for complicated surgical procedures as well as in everyday hospital work, service robots are becoming the perfect teammates of people. AUTOMATICA takes a look at the protagonists of a new era in Munich from 21-24 June 2016.

AUTOMATICA 2016: Focusing on life science solutions

In the burgeoning life science, medical and pharmaceuticals markets, robots are breaking into new task areas. In the process not only are they working for man but also, and increasingly commonly, directly with him. More than 200 companies will be showcasing their pioneering developments in this innovative industry at AUTOMATICA 2016, from 21 - 24 June in Munich.

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging benefits with drug master files

Manufacturers that use custom polymer solutions, compounds, colorants, and plastic additive masterbatches in the medical or pharmaceutical markets may benefit greatly by using a drug master file (DMF). DMFs are important because they contain information on the chemistry, manufacturing and specifications of several packaging components used for certain medical products.

Plastics Color Corporation launches brand new website design

Plastics Color Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of their newly redesigned website, www.PlasticsColor.com. The redesign provides an easy navigation layout and features a systematic breakdown of all the products and services offered in its line-up.

Zeus Launches Rapid Sampling Program to Encourage Next Generation Prototypes

Zeus, the world’s leading polymer tubing and material science innovator, has announced a new sampling program. Known as the Zeus Virtual Sample Locker (VSL), the service offers customers private online accounts through which they can select from a breadth of in-stock samples, free of charge, or they can request custom sizes.

Podcast – Industrial Design Considerations for Auto Injectors

The design, development and manufacturing of a successful auto injector project requires not only the seamless collaboration between the biopharmaceutical company and key partners, but also robust design and manufacturing capabilities that can ultimately reflect the desired device characteristics. With industrial design often the initial starting point of a project, possessing a strong in-house industrial team can mean more efficient communication with production teams which can lead to faster prototyping and design verification.

DevicesDrug Delivery

Phillips-Medisize opens design and development centre in China

Phillips-Medisize Corporation has announced the opening of its new design and development centre in Suzhou, China. Growth of the company’s design and development centres supports its customers’ needs for patient-administered biologics and pharmaceutical drug delivery and diagnostics device design and development services.

Phillips-Medisize opens design and development centre in China

Phillips-Medisize Corporation has announced the opening of its new design and development centre in Suzhou, China. Growth of the company’s design and development centres supports its customers’ needs for patient-administered biologics and pharmaceutical drug delivery and diagnostics device design and development services.

Helping Nepal – SHL to Match Staff Donations

In immediate response to the devastating earthquake that left Nepal in ruins on April 25th, SHL quickly reached out to World Vision to hold an internal donation event at its key manufacturing sites in Taiwan where a booth is being set up for staff to contribute in any amount possible. SHL employees at regional offices in Sweden, USA and China have also all joined in the company’s efforts through World Vision International or their respective channels.

DevicesDrug Delivery

SHL Technologies introduces Case Studies

As contract manufacturing company that provides various manufacturing services to the medtech industry, SHL Technologies has over the years gained a credible track record of successful project collaborations. To help better connect with current and potential customers, SHL Technologies has selected 5 unique case studies to not only showcase the diverse and robust manufacturing capabilities the company offers, but how they are applied and executed to ultimately result in high quality end-products.

Intelligent Systems Source Recognises congatec’s Conga-MA3 as Module of the Year 2014

congatec AG, a leading technology company for embedded computer modules, single board computers and EDM services is pleased to announce that the conga-MA3 COM Express was recognized by Intelligent Systems Source (ISS) as COM Express Mini Type 10 Module of the year. ISS aggregates information to help systems engineers find the best solution for their embedded application.

I is the Strategic Partner for ZEISS: Bundled Expertise for the Highest Packing Densities

Graphic or computer applications with high memory requirements, high-resolution digital camera systems, not to mention the need for very low power consumption require increasingly higher packing densities in semiconductor production. Modern lithographic processes are the reason why chips are getting smaller and smaller and why extremely fine structures can be applied to silicon wafers.

Magnetic Linear Actuators for Automation

The new PIMag™ V-273 linear actuators from PI (Physik Instrumente) come with voice coil drives that ensure even greater dynamics and precision for fast handling tasks and precision positioning in the micrometer range or for micromanipulation.

Micro Systems Engineering Completes Cleanroom Expansion

Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (MSEI), an MST company and a leading specialist in the development and manufacture of electronic modules for active medical implants, has expanded its existing cleanroom capacity with a state of the art cleanroom, bringing total cleanroom area to 20’000 square feet.

CROMSOURCE Supports Italian Cystic Fibrosis Society’s Clinical Research Training Initiative

CROMSOURCE, an international provider of outsourced services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, today announced that it is delivering several modules of a training course on clinical research best practice organised by the SIFC (Italian Cystic Fibrosis Society). The course commenced in December 2014 and will complete in February 2015.

Automated 2 Position Rotary Table Workstation for More Throughputs for Laser Marking

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving completes its M-Series of compact workstations for industrial laser material processing: With the M2000-R and M3000-R stations, FOBA introduces two high-throughput laser marking workstations with 2 position rotary tables for the efficient and ergonomic processing of geometrically complex work pieces of varying sizes as well as small and large batches of parts.

ESCON Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller

As addition to the successful ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor presents another miniaturised, postage stamp-sized OEM plug-in module. The high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed DC motors and BLDC motors (brushless DC motors, so-called EC motors) with Hall sensors up to 48W continuous output and 144W peak output. As part of the ESCON family it stands for high usability, exceptional performance, and unprecedented power density in servo motor controller technology. More comfort, functionality, protection, and performance can hardly be attained.

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Charging Ahead with Medical Devices

Independent battery design, development and manufacturing expert Accutronics has launched a new smart battery that fulfils the needs of manufacturers of high powered medical devices. The CMX series packs a punch - offering high energy density along with high power discharge. Medical OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can now produce innovative portable devices without compromising on safety and reliability in life-critical applications.


Connect with SHL Through our Newest Podcast Series

To help customers better understand SHL products and services, a suite of communication tools including articles, white papers, case studies, and videos have been made available online and are updated regularly. Following the recent introduction of case studies, SHL is now excited to announce the addition of podcasts to this group, where the content is communicated directly to the listener in the form of short but informative Q&A sessions.

DevicesDrug Delivery

High-Five for High-Power

Tackling the rise in demand for portable medical devices delivering high-rate power discharge, battery specialist Accutronics will be launching a new CMX range on 12 November, 2014 at COMPAMED, the international medical trade show held in Dusseldorf, Germany. In anticipation of the launch, we explore the world of portable power.


Patented and Optimum Protection for Sensitive Tips and Blades

With its new product 'TipCover,' rose plastic medical packaging GmbH from Hergensweiler has developed packaging that offers optimal protection for the sensitive tips and cutting edges of surgical instruments and applications. In a product range with different diameters and sizes, the tip protection caters for a variety of the items available on the market for medical and dental products.


Released Products – Newsletter 2 / 13

As an Original Equipment and Contract Manufacturer (OEM/CM) specialised in resorbable implants, we always strive to develop new technologies and products that overcome the challenges of our customers.

SHL to Introduce Product Case Studies at the 2014 PDA Conference

Taking an advanced injection device from concept to reality requires careful planning, key design and manufacturing competencies and a thorough understanding of end-user needs. While challenges are often encountered when it comes to product development, it is the ability to overcome them in a timely manner and in a way that further improves the device project that is even more valuable.

DevicesDrug Delivery

ESCATEC at Embedded World Show Nuremberg 2014

ESCATEC, one of Europe’s leading providers of contract and manufacturing services, will be on stand 5/345 at the Embedded World Show in Nuremberg, Germany on 25-27 February 2014.

Exploring the Amber™ Auto Injector

SHL first introduced the Amber™ auto injector utilising Pushclick™ technology at the PDA (Parental Drug Association) event in Basel, Switzerland in Q4 2013 and has since continued to receive inquiries about this new SHL auto injector.

DevicesDrug Delivery

SHL Grows Through Medical Devices

SHL was recently featured in Plastics News with an article focusing on the company's continuous investment and growth in recent years, as well as some of the key company milestones that made SHL the world's largest privately owned designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced drug delivery devices such as auto injector and pen injectors.

World Courier Honoured with Membership of Assobiotec in Italy

World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen® (NYSE: ABC) company, today announced that World Courier Italy has been accepted as a member of the Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology (Assobiotec) after a challenging election process.

World Courier Announces New Facility in Wales

World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen (NYSE: ABC) company, announced today that they are in the final stages of creating a new facility in Wales, with the support of the Life Sciences division of the Welsh Assembly Government, to support existing Welsh clients.

Auto Injector Innovation: Quality and Compliance

The recent introduction of numerous biologics and biosimilars and their corresponding advanced delivery specifications required, has quickly created a new segment in the drug delivery technologies market in recent years.

SHL Introduces New Mobile Website

SHL recently introduced a mobile website which allows mobile device users to view the company’s corporate website in a more user-friendly way. In addition to contents already featured on the current desktop website, the mobile site also has a video gallery section which features all SHL videos available for direct viewing.

DYCONEX Invests in Orbotech LDI Equipment

In the first half of 2013, DYCONEX AG invested in several pieces of equipment that will further enhance production technology and provide optimised PCB solutions for customers.

Cendres+Métaux SA New CFO

The Board of Directors has appointed Christine R. Schneider, 45, as Chief Financial Officer of Cendres+Métaux Group.

SHL Highlights the Importance of Scalable Manufacturing Capabilities

As demand for self-injection devices such as auto injectors and pen injectors continues to rise, drug delivery device suppliers must design manufacturing operations that are scalable - especially for key capabilities such as molding and material handling systems. SHL, a leader in this field, has strived to ensure that capacity is always available to adapt to the changing demands of the market and to satisfy the risk mitigation requirements of our clients.

Smith & Nephew – running smoothly

Going from a start-up company via mergers to one of the leading manufacturers of artificial joints – that is the history of medical technology company Smith & Nephew in the canton of Aargau. As part of the global concern, the company supplies artificial joints around the world.

Phoenix From the Ashes – Software Development and Positive Signs

When the development division shut down, they were initially afraid about losing their jobs but then saw the opportunity: Company Medivation AG was founded in July 2009 and brought together the best brains of this development division. “Its closure was a stroke of luck”, CEO Jan Stifter stresses today.

Dentistry-revolution from Aargau/Switzerland

Caries is the main cause of tooth decay – and still treated by conventional drilling and filling techniques. Now the Swiss product CurodontTM Repair is revolutionizing dentistry. The product stops early caries and enables in-depth mineralisation of early tooth decay.

Sorin CRM Names DYCONEX as the 2012 Supplier of the Year

The Sorin Group Cardiac Rhythm Management Business Unit (Sorin CRM) has honored DYCONEX as the best supplier for printed circuit boards in 2012. The prize was handed over in mid June 2013 as part of the annual supplier event in Clamart, France.

Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling 2013

Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling has established itself as an industry leader for over a decade providing insight, strategies and informative presentations on the most current and pressing issues impacting the packaging & labelling of Pharmaceutical products.

DYCONEX Implements Electronic Failure Catalog (EFC) with Customer Login

The newly implemented electronic failure catalog enables DYCONEX and its customers to use the same criteria for visual inspection of PCBs, either during in-process or final inspection at DYCONEX, or during incoming inspection at its customers' facilities. The goal is to synchronise inspection processes and outcomes for specific products, with the intention of achieving dock-to-stock delivery.

SHL Group invests in new KraussMaffei molding machines for medical device production

As SHL Group expands to provide customers with readily available services and production capabilities, the company insists on investing in high quality molding machines like those from KraussMaffei. SHL has been manufacturing with KraussMaffei high precision molding machines for years to produce the company's medical device products (such as auto injectors and pen injectors), and have purchased 10 more CX series machines following the company's recent expansion.

SHL attends the 2013 Japan PDA

SHL once again had the honor of being invited to participate and speak at the PDA Japan 2013, which took place May 21st - 22nd in Tokyo, Japan. Over 150 attendees from the industry attended the event and many established experts from the parenteral drug industry also spoke on various hot topics.

CROMSOURCE Announces Industry Leading Timeline and Budget Guarantee

CROMSOURCE, an international full service contract research organization (CRO), today announced a unique alternative to the routine delays and budget escalations which characterise the delivery of clinical trials. CROMSOURCE now offers clients the industry's only End-to-End Guarantee. Within this pledge CROMSOURCE assures clients that their projects will be delivered according to the contracted timelines and to the price written on the contract.

CROMSOURCE Further Expands Polish Operations

CROMSOURCE, an international full service contract research organization (CRO) today announced the completion and opening of a new office building in Warsaw, Poland and the movement of key company services to this location.

CROMSOURCE upgrades to the new Oracle Clinical Release 4.6.4

CROMSOURCE, a high quality ISO-certified international provider of outsourced services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, specialized in clinical development and staffing solutions today announced successful completion of a project to upgrade their data management system to the new Oracle Clinical Release 4.6.4 (replacing version 4.5.3.).

CROMSOURCE Appoints Dr Christian Milla As Global Head of Medical Division

CROMSOURCE, an international full service contract research organization (CRO) today announced the appointment of Dr Christian Milla as Global Head of the Medical Division with immediate effect. Dr Milla will also take responsibility for CROMSOURCE operations in France as Country Manager.

CROMSOURCE Acquires Pleiad Inc – Expands US coverage

CROMSOURCE, an international full service contract research organisation (CRO) today announced the acquisition of Pleiad, an established international CRO with offices in the US (Cambridge, Mass.) and UK (Stirling, Scotland).

CROMSOURCE Adds Early Phase Research Unit to its Portfolio

CROMSOURCE srl, an international full service contract research organisation (CRO) today announced the completion of an innovative private-public deal with Centro Ricerche Cliniche di Verona (CRC), a modern early phase clinical research unit, founded in 2005.


CROM acquires MSOURCE, a mid-size European Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) Specializing in Staffing Solutions and Medical Device Trials, creating CROMSOURCE.

India Regulatory Update

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), the national regulatory body governing pharmaceuticals and medical devices in India, issued draft guidelines earlier this year designed to ensure the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products throughout the distribution process.

New EU GDP Guideline

After almost two years of review, an updated GDP guideline for EU distribution of medicinal products for human use was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on March 7, 2013. This new guideline replaces existing directives (94/C 63/03) that have been in effect since 1994. Compliance with the 2013 EU Guideline (2013/C 68/01) becomes mandatory six months after date of publication, or on September 7, 2013.

SHL to invest 40 Million USD in 2013 to Significantly Expand Production Facilities

SHL announced plans this week to expand production facilities in Taiwan. A leader in the field of drug delivery devices such as auto injectors and pen injectors, SHL has continued to invest heavily in facilities, advanced machinery and R&D. With the rapid growth of the biologic injectable market, device suppliers are under pressure to broaden the range of services that they can provide. SHL has responded by making significant capital investments such as the 40 Million USD that will be spent this year alone.

SHL to present & exhibit at 10th Annual BIO Asia International Conference

SHL will be presenting and exhibiting at the upcoming 10th Annual BIO Asia International Conference from January 29-30th in Tokyo, Japan. BIO Asia is the longest running Asian partnering event designed specifically to facilitate collaboration between biopharmaceutical companies and suppliers.

DNV Nemko Presafe acquires DGM

By acquiring DGM, Presafe will significantly strengthen its position in the area of certification services for the medical device industry and further build its global service offering.


SHL’s 2012 Winter Toy & Book Drive

As a continuing effort to give back to society, this year SHL organized a Winter Toy & Book Drive, collecting 2nd hand toys and books donated from employees and giving them to World Vision Taiwan for distribution to those in need.

World Courier Opens Basel Office, 151st Globally

World Courier is pleased to announce the November 2012 opening of a new office in Basel (Switzerland) − the company's third office in that country, bolstering the company's global network to 151 offices in 52 countries.

FOBA goes Online with new Website

Selmsdorf/Lüdenscheid, September 2012: FOBA's new website is immediately available – representing the brand in its new look and feel online.

Leading producer of auto injectors SHL hires over 600 new employees

In response to increased customer orders and the signing of long-term contracts, SHL has hired more than 600 new employees over a 14 month period of time. SHL, the world's largest privately owned designer, developer and manufacturer of drug delivery devices, now has over 2,000 employees worldwide with the majority of new staff located at the manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.

Bluestar Silicones Schedules Grand Opening of New Manufacturing and R&D Center in York, S.C.

As part of its global expansion plans, Bluestar Silicones has relocated its two U.S. manufacturing facilities in Ventura, Calif. and Rock Hill, S.C. to a 226,000-sq-ft building which is situated on 21.5 acres. The move to York reaffirms the company’s commitment to the U.S. market and supports its global five-year strategic growth plan to become a leader in the silicones industry.

BFARM Dialog Meeting in Bonn

BFARM held the meeting entitled, “Clinical studies with Medical Devices – experiences with approval process and study execution.”

MEDDEV releases a newly revised version of the Medical Devices Vigilance System Guidelines (MEDDEV 2.12-1 rev 7)

A new version of the Guidelines on Medical Devices Vigilance System has been released by MEDDEV in March of 2012. The overall purpose of the Medical Device Guidelines is to promote a common approach to both medical devices Manufacturers and Notified Bodies that are responsible for the conformity assessment procedures outlined in the relevant annexes of the European Community Medical Devices Directives, as well as, those provided by the National Competent Authorities.

Taxes and the Medical Device Industry

France has raised its tax on medtech companies from 0.25% to 0.29% of sales. This tax is no longer payable to AFSAPPS (now known as ANSM) but to the national health insurance body.

SHL to Speak & Exhibit at the PDA’s Upcoming Prefilled Syringe Seminar in Japan

Auto injectors have proven to be one of the most convenient and safe methods for patients to self-administer their injections. This trend has become even more noticeable as the number of combination products coming to market continues to increase and biopharmaceutical companies seek to diversify the range of drug delivery options for their products. To support this growth, auto injectors must continue to evolve in both design and functionality.

Abrasion Resistant, Flexible Adhesive is Serviceable at Cryogenic Temperatures

Master Bond elastomer system, EP30D-10, offers the strength, flexibility, performance, and adhesive qualities traditionally associated with epoxies, along with the toughness and abrasion resistance of polyurethanes. This two component adhesive is resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, inorganic salts, acids, and alkalis.

Colder Products Company Launches SnapQuik™ Connectors

In medical care situations, there are as many as 40 device connectors used with a single patient. Despite the best efforts of well-trained, highly qualified healthcare professionals, medical-tubing misconnections continue to occur due to the widespread use of standard luer connectors

Microscopy Stage with Ultrasonic Piezomotors

XY stages used for positioning samples in microscopes should be as flat as possible to make them easy to integrate and allow easy access to samples or, in the case of inverted microscopes, permit the revolving nosepiece and other elements below the stage to be reached.

SHL takes part in PharmTech.com’s ‘Pointed Debate: Expert Views on Injectables’

SHL recently had the opportunity to participate, along with various other experts in the industry, in a questionnaire held by PharmTech.com on the topic of 'Pointed Debate: Expert Views on Injectables.' The article features each participant's respective insights on the injectable industry, more specifically in the area of self-administration and related technologies.

SHL Releases Auto Injectors White Paper

SHL has launched a white paper on the topic of 'Auto Injectors: From Planning to Launch' with the goal of sharing with readers insights on how to prepare for the overall development process from different perspectives including design, regulatory and manufacturing. This press release gives an overview of the paper.

SHL Featured in BioSpectrum Asia

SHL was recently featured in an article published by BioSpectrum Asia on the topic of "The Emerging Drug Delivery Landscape." In the article, SHL is identified as an innovator of auto injectors in Asia and continues to respond to increasing demands by expanding the pipeline of devices and investing more in design expertise and R&D.

SHL Receives Great Response at 2011 PDA in Basel

SHL successfully wrapped up this year's exhibition at the PDA's 'The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices' 2011 event held in Basel, Switzerland earlier last month. Great feedback was received from both visitors to the booth and those who attended the keynote session 'Insight into Development and Manufacturing of Auto Injectors' presented by SHL Medical Europe's vice president, Mats Persson and SHL Group's marketing director, Steven Kaufman.

ROFIN Newsletter – Issue Two

Welcome to the second issue of ROFIN's Medical Newsletter. This time, read about the challenges of next generation stent manufacturing, our laser welding solutions for the medical device industry and the permament exhibition "ACIG" in Germany's Medical Valley Tuttlingen.

ROFIN at CompaMED 2011

At Compamed 2011, ROFIN showcases the latest developments in laser material processing. This year the focus is on manual laser welding, high-precision cutting with ultra short pulse femto / fiber laser sources for medical device manufacturing. ROFIN presents at booth G19 in hall 8. Bringing manual laser welding to perfection - the new PERFORMANCE

SHL to Speak and Exhibit at the 2011 PDA Conference in Basel, Switzerland

SHL will be exhibiting at the 2011 Parental Drug Association (PDA) Europe Conference in Basel, Switzerland on 8-9 November at booths 44 & 49. SHL Medical Europe's vice president, Mats Persson and SHL Group's marketing director, Steven Kaufman have been invited to present at this annual event as keynote speakers on the topic of 'insight into development and manufacturing of auto injectors.'

Modulight Receives ISO 13485:2003 Certification for Medical Laser Manufacturing

Modulight, Inc. based in Tampere Finland and San Jose, CA, announced the company has received ISO 13485:2003 certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV). ISO 13485 is an internationally recognized quality standard which states the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS) for the design and manufacture of medical devices. The new registration comes as an addition to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications received by Modulight in 2002 and 2004, respectively. It assures that the company has the fundamental quality management systems in place for manufacturing lasers for a variety of application, now including also medical equipment market.

A Formula for High Power Density

Every single maxon motor clearly proves how high performance can be packed in a miniature space without efficiency and reliability falling by the wayside; for many years, every day, millionfold. How to fit 170 Watts of power in a Ø40 x 80 mm, palm-sized housing is being demonstrated by the new brushless direct current motor EC 40.

maxon motor Sets New Benchmark.

Drive systems made by maxon do their job under the most difficult conditions, such as, for example, on Mars. But not only in high altitudes or in outer space, maxon DC motors also operate in harsh ambient conditions as encountered deep underneath the earth's surface – immaculate, dependable, efficient.

Endoscopic Zoom Lens from Berliner Glas

As a quality leader for sophisticated optical, electro-optical and opto-mechanical assemblies used in endoscopic and microscopic cameras, Berliner Glas Medical Applications presents its capabilities to design and manufacture customized zoom lenses for autoclavable high resolution endoscopic cameras.

SHL receives Good Design Award for Molly Auto Injector

SHL Group is honored to have recently received certification for the Good Design Award for its revolutionary auto injector, Molly. This prestigious award, with more than 50 years of history, has dedicated itself to recognizing outstanding designs that can further advance lifestyle and industrial activity, both of which are embraced by Molly’s innovative design and related business model.

FOBA Introduces new Brand Presence

Selmsdorf/Lüdenscheid (Germany); October, 2011: FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving presents its new look and feel. At the trade shows MOTEK and SOUTH-Tec, FOBA officially unveiled its new brand appearance to a worldwide audience.

PI (Physik Instrumente) Acquires a Majority of Shares in miCos

The Karlsruhe-based company PI has recently become co-owner of miCos GmbH in Eschebach, Germany. This allows PI to supplement its extensive micro- and nanopositioning portfolio with a specialist in the field of vacuum applications and system integration. PI thereby expands its range of fast, high-precision system solutions, especially in the area of micropositioning, with air bearing technology and linear motors, for example.

Isotron to Present at Risk Management Conference

Isotron (Applied Sterilisation Technologies, Synergy Health plc) will be presenting at a conference and workshop in association with DuPont, Amcor Flexibles, Multivac and Anecto on Risk Management: the correct approach for packaging and sterilization of medical devices.

SHL to Speak and Exhibit at the World Drug Delivery Congress 2011

With the increasing number of biologics coming to market, the demand for drug delivery solutions such as auto injectors has increased significantly in recent years. This demand is projected to grow even more rapidly in the next five years. While North America and Europe have been key drivers for such devices, the trend of launching more combination products has already begun to influence other regions such as Asia. As a result, events such as The World Drug Delivery Congress 2011 in Singapore will attract the attention of biopharmaceutical companies, drug delivery device manufacturers and more

Isotron Celebrates 10 Years of Electron Beam at Daventry Site

Isotron, the Sterilization Services division of Synergy Health plc will be celebrating the10th birthday of its E-Beam at the Daventry site in July 2011. The site, based in Northamptonshire, UK, is home to both Gamma and Electron Beam and is proud to still employ 9 of the original staff.

Introducing SHL Pharma: A Greener Approach

SHL Group is proud to introduce SHL Pharma, a facility built with a greener approach providing final assembly, labelling and packaging services of drug delivery devices such as autoinjectors for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Precision without Position Sensor

Phase shifters are used in laser measurement to align optical path lengths. These move optics in the range of a wavelength, which corresponds to an adjustment range of less than one micrometer. It is crucial for the alignment to take place quickly and in a stable manner.

Low-Cost Three-Channel Controller from PI

The E-563 control electronics provides maximum resolution in three channels for classic nanopositioning systems. Although the price of this system is less than half of that of a fully digital high-end variant, the user still gets important performance features of PI (Physik Instrumente) controllers.

Infrared Thermometer Combines Minimised Electronic with Innovative LED Display

Optris GmbH introduces the new optris CSmicro series from which especially OEM customers will benefit according to the great product potential of these infrared thermometers. The improved price-performance-ratio supports the integration of the devices within OEM solutions and the simultaneous operation of the measurement devices at several infrared measuring points.

Isotron to Present at IMRP

Isotron, the irradiation specialists, are one of the sponsors of the 16th global forum of IMRP (international meeting on radiation processing), which will be held in Montreal from 13th-16th June 2011.

Isotron to Present at Sterilisation Conference

Isotron, the sterilisation specialists are to present at the 4th annual Informa Sterilisation Conference. As the Sterilisation Services division of Synergy Health, Isotron employs a number of technical experts who have an exemplary understanding of the sterilisation technologies and associated requirements.

Reliable Infrared Temperature Measurement at Metal from 50°C

Portable and stationary infrared thermometers of Optris GmbH have been established for temperature measurement within the metal processing industry. The portable devices can be used for infrequent measurements whilst the stationary devices find use for quality management and process control in diverse areas.

Modulight Release Multi-Chip Red Laser Modules for Cosmetics, Therapeutics and Fluorescence Applications

Modulight expanded FiberLight product family by releasing multi-chip red laser modules for cosmetics, therapeutics and fluorescence applications. The laser modules can host up to 4 laser diodes which are coupled to a single 200 μm core fiber with NA=0.22 and terminated with a standard SMA-905 connector. A typical configuration includes a thermistor and a TEC-element for temperature control and a photodiode for power monitoring.

Wireless Flat-Panel Detector for Mobile X-ray Imaging

Shimadzu, world-wide manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, has introduced the first wireless flat-panel detector (FPD) for its mobile, fully digital X-ray system MobileDaRt Evolution. This new CXDI-70C detector generation is the next evolutionary step for mobile X-ray applications. It enables X-ray personnel to act even more independently when taking X-ray images on site – for instance in radiology, on the ward, in emergency rooms, traumatology, orthopaedics, or paediatrics. In addition, it simplifies sterilizing the detector due to the lack of any attached cables.

SHL Continues to Expand Taiwan Facilities to Support Auto Injector Production

SHL has just completed an additional expansion of its Nan Kan 6 facility located in northern Taiwan to ensure that adequate production capacity can be maintained for its OEM/ODM customers. CNC, Molding, and Automation related production have been added to the facility, expanding on our support for these key in-house capabilities. In particular, this facility will house extensive CNC lines which will be utilized by SHL Automation to support production of automated testing and assembly equipment for our medical devices. In addition, these CNC lines will be utilized by SHL Technologies to support its growing need for precision machined components and modules.

Rust Fungi Threaten Global Food

Rust fungi are among the most dangerous diseases to important crops such as wheat. If they spread unhindered, dramatic bottlenecks in the global food supply could result. In the laboratory, scientists at the Universität Hohenheim under the direction of Professor Dr. Ralf T. Vögele are researching the interaction of these fungi with their host plants and are searching for new strategies to combat them. "The influences that cause certain cycles with rust fungi can only be reproduced under these perfect conditions in the BINDER chamber and thus are the basis of our research," explains Professor Vögele, Head of Phytopathology.

BINDER Innovation Prize Awarded to Prof Dr Christian Behl by the German Society for Cell Biology

Univ Prof Dr Christian Behl, Director of the Institute for Pathobiochemistry at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, has been awarded this year's BINDER Innovation Prize by the German Society for Cell Biology. The award is endowed by BINDER GmbH and by the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ). The distinction comes with a 4,000 € endowment, was awarded the first time in 1998 and is given for outstanding cell biological research with a focus on cell culture or the use of cell cultures. An individual publication is not recognized, rather an innovative approach to research, in this case the study of the biochemistry of aged cells in conjunction with the course of neurodegenerative processes.

Clariant Presents Fully-Fledged Credentials to Medical Device Market

Clariant Masterbatches presents its fully-fledged credentials as a trusted and unique supplier of materials and support for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors with the announcement that its North American center of competence in Lewiston, Maine has gained ISO 13485 accreditation.

Users of Advanced Medical Polymers Gain Controlled, Consistent, Compliant Color With New Clariant MEVOPUR® Masterbatches

Manufacturers of medical devices and packaging who choose newer plastic materials like Eastman Tritan™ co-polyester and TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) now have readily available color options that are pretested and compliant with key standards governing materials used in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Available under the new Clariant Masterbatches brand name MEVOPUR®, these color concentrates and pre-color compounds are produced under specially controlled conditions in ISO13485 certified plants, using raw materials that have been biologically evaluated against USP parts 87 and 88 (Class VI devices) and/or the international standard ISO10993, and spectroscopically analyzed on delivery.

Medpace Announces the Addition of Samer E Kaba, MD, Medical Director, Strengthening Therapeutic Expertise in Neuroscience Drug Development Services

Medpace, Inc. today announced the addition of Samer E. Kaba, MD, as a Medical Director with therapeutic expertise in guiding global clinical trials in the area of Neuroscience. Dr. Kaba brings a wealth of clinical development expertise in the areas of neurology, psychiatry, and analgesia. As a Medpace Medical Director, Dr. Kaba will be engaged with Medpace clients in formulating clinical development plans and strategy, designing clinical trials, and providing medical oversight for clinical trials in his areas of expertise. Dr. Kaba joins an experienced neurology operations team specifically in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and pain.

Symbios Clinical, a Medical Device CRO and Subsidiary of Medpace Changes Name to Medpace Medical Device, Concluding Integration Activities

Medpace, Inc. a global, full-service clinical research organization (CRO) announced that it has completed integration activities with Symbios Clinical, a CRO dedicated to medical device clinical trials which Medpace acquired earlier this year. Symbios Clinical will now be known as Medpace Medical Device (MMD) and will continue to provide expertise in pre-market, post-approval and postmarket / outcomes trials.

Medpace Announces the Addition of Dr Jon Bruss, Medical Director, Adding Therapeutic Expertise in Infectious Disease, Antibiotics, Anti-Virals, Caccines, and Pediatric Medicines

Medpace, Inc. today announced the addition of Jon Bruss, MD, MSPH, MBA, FAAP, FIDSA as a Medical Director with therapeutic expertise in guiding global clinical trials in infectious disease. Dr. Bruss will combine therapeutic experience with existing Medpace clinical trial teams excellence to bring innovative anti-infective drugs to market in partnership with our sponsors.

Medpace Announces the Addition of Dan Weng, MD, PhD, MA as Vice President, Rest of World

Medpace, Inc. today announced the addition of Dan Weng, MD, PhD, MA as Vice President, Rest of World (ROW) with responsibility for Asia, Pacific Rim, Latin America, and South Africa. Dr. Weng, an experienced clinical development professional, will be charged with driving global growth for Medpace in emerging markets. Emerging markets represent the fastest growing segment for drug development and clinical trials. The addition of Dr.Weng, along with existing Medpace clinical teams, will allow Medpace to provide deeper expertise in global development services for sponsors needing on-the-ground services in global markets.

Medpace Announces the Addition of Brian Murphy, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Strengthening Medpace’s Therapeutic Expertise in Infectious Disease and Pediatric Drug Development

Medpace, Inc. today announced the addition of Brian S. Murphy, MD, MPH as Medical Director with responsibility for leading clinical drug development for infectious disease and pediatric specific agents. The addition of Dr. Murphy, along with existing clinical and medical teams, will allow Medpace to provide deeper expertise in emerging therapeutic areas to bring innovative anti-infective and pediatric drugs to market in partnership with our sponsors.

Compact Motion Controller: Nanometer Precision for Multi-Axis Piezo Systems

The performance of precision positioning systems equally depends on their mechanical systems and on the way they are controlled. Physik Instrumente (PI) from Karlsruhe, Germany, the specialist for piezo-based nanopositioning, has been relying on fully digital technology for more than 10 years now and adds the E-725 three-channel motion controller to its portfolio.

Ultra-Low-Profile Precision Rotation Stage Thanks to PILine® Technology

With just 15 mm construction height, the M-660 rotation stage from Physik Instrumente (PI) is one of the slimmest micro translation stages on the market. A new version with a higher position resolution of 4 µrad now offers further application possibilities, for example in accurate inspection tasks. The new M-660.45 stage has a clear aperture of 35 mm in diameter. Compact combinations with linear stages are possible.

Concentric Medical’s Merci Retriever Gets Japanese Approvals

Concentric Medical, a licensee of Biocoat's HYDAK® hydrophilic coatings and maker of devices for clot removal in cases of ischemic stroke reported that its Merci Retriever recently obtained product and procedure reimbursement from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.

SHL Expands Range of Automation Solutions for Auto Injector Assembly

With an increasing number of drug delivery devices, primarily auto injectors and pen injectors, under development and soon entering mass production, SHL Automation has been steadily working towards enhancing SHL’s in-house automated sub-assembly solutions. One related development program involves the re-engineering and streamlining of component assembly for a key auto injector project.

Meet Molly – SHL’s Newest Auto Injector

SHL is introducing its first “pre-configured” auto injector to the B2B market for leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Molly is an intuitive device featuring an ultra-compact design, simplified 2-step operation and a permanently hidden needle. Thanks to collaborative efforts of SHL teams in Sweden, Taiwan and the USA, key development/design work has already been standardized to accelerate speed-to-market for customers. The compact device utilizes state-of-the-art safety and ergonomic features, and is considered by many to be SHL’s next-generation breakthrough auto injector.

SHL Establishes New Facility in the USA for Final Assembly and Packaging of Auto Injectors

SHL, a leading manufacturer of drug delivery devices, will further expand operations in the USA with the establishment of SHL Pharma Systems, a state-of-the-art final assembly and packaging operation. Located in South Florida (USA), this new facility will offer final assembly, labeling and packaging services to SHL's pharmaceutical and biotech customers. The new Florida facility is scheduled to be operational in Q4 of 2011.

Fineman GmbH is the New Distributor of ONYX Healthcare Computing Solutions in Germany

Fineman GmbH, headquartered in Ratingen close to Düsseldorf, has entered into an agreement with ONYX Healthcare Europe to become an authorized distributor of ONYX Medical PC Solutions in Germany. Fineman GmbH, a subsidiary of the Danish medical imaging distributor Fineman A/S, will take on the distribution of ONYX Healthcares Panel PC and Medical Display for OR Use. The agreement will take immediate effect.

Physik Instrumente (PI) Continues to Put its Faith in Growth

The research and development which form the basis for innovations play an immensely important role in safeguarding a company’s future. An entrepreneurial approach also means ensuring that the space available for manufacturing operations and offices can keep pace with the growth targets aimed for and that it is possible to expand – by building additional facilities close to the current location, for example. Future-oriented company management is characterised by its ability to plan ahead and, most importantly, to act with foresight.

Silver Conductive Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Standards

Master Bond EP21TDCS-LO is an electrically conductive silver-filled epoxy that passes ASTM 595 for NASA low outgassing specifications. It is widely used for demanding applications in the electronic, electrical, computer, semiconductor, aerospace and optical industries.

Sulphone Polymers

LATI's family of amorphous sulphone polymers includes: LASULF Polysulphone (PSU), LAPEX A Polyethersulphone (PES) and LAPEX R Polyphenylsulphone (PPSU).


Thermoplastics for electromagnetic-interference shielding.


Controlled density thermoplastics.


Thermoplastic materials filled with Aramid Fibres.


Radiopaque thermoplastic compounds.


Based on PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK).


Based on Polyphenylsulphone (PPSU).

More Than a Simple Door Knob

For over 60 years Serrature Meroni, a well known Italian company with a large presence in the international markets as well, has produced both mechanical and electronic locks and closing systems, for use in a wide range of sectors that include not only doors and furniture, but also utilities, vending machines and special applications.

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC – The Safety in Industrial Plants and the LATI’S Role

It isn't only today that the target of technical plastic materials is to replace metals. Thanks to their performance profile and their advantages featured in part design and in processing, they offer considerable benefits in terms of innovative content, weight and maintenance reduction, as well as a concrete cost saving.

High Temperature Resistant, Toughened Structural Adhesive Cures at Room Temperature

Formulated for structural applications in extreme environments with temperatures from -80°F to +425°F, Master Bond Supreme 33 has superior resistance to thermal cycling, thermal shock and impact. This toughened, two-component epoxy offers high structural bond strength to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanised rubbers and many plastics. Supreme 33 also resists chemicals including water, oil and many organic solvents.

New, Smart Infrared Thermometer Optris CS LT

Optris GmbH reacts to the growing demand within the low-price market segment of infrared thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement with the enhancements of the optris CS LT.

Miniaturised IR-Thermometer combined in new product family

The Optris GmbH has consistently enhanced its product programme during the past months and introduced with its CT series a product family, which covers the most common applications within the infrared temperature measurement technology.

EMC Filters for DIN Rail Mounting

SCHURTER expands its filter product portfolio, introducing EMC filters for DIN rail mounting series FMAB-RAIL and FMBB-RAIL for one-phase systems, FMAC-RAIL for three-phase-systems and FMAD-RAIL for three-phase-systems with neutralline.

Kitron at “Norwegian Healthcare & Life Science Innovation Expo” in Shanghai, China

Kitron participated in "Norwegian Healthcare & Life Science Innovation Expo" in Shanghai from 8-19 Sep 2010. The exhibition was organised by Norwegian and Chinese authorities to develop the healthcare market in China. Eight Norwegian companies and St Olavs hospital presented their innovative products in the Nordic lighthouse, designed for the Expo Shanghai 2010.

DAVE Presents Oqtopus, the CPU Module Dedicated to Connectivity Applications

Dave, a company specialised in design, production and marketing of miniaturised embedded systems for industrial applications, launches on the market a CPU module specifically conceived for applications where connection and communication is the main requirement, even in industrial environment, thanks to the industrial specification compliance (including the extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C).

Magnetically Detectable Compounds (MDT)

An injection mouldable compound, detectable by any kind of metal detector, suitable for food contact, not releasing any dust or particle and offering attractive mechanical and aesthetic properties: the brand new LATI MDT compounds meet all these requirements.

Monomer and Additives Suitable for Food Contact

In the European Community, the suitability for food contact is regulated by Regulation EC n. 1935/2004, which abrogates Directive 89/109/EEC and sets the general principles for materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Writing with Lasers on Plastic

A number of different effects occur when a laser hits a thermoplastic material, and some of these effects are not completely understood.

Precision Tolerances Go Extreme with Micro Precision’s Lapping and Grinding Capabilities

While we are known for machining the tightest of tolerances right on the machine (+/- .0002in), sometimes an additional process is needed to get the length or outside diameter to the next level of high precision. That's where lapping and grinding come in. Many of our customers who use high precision rollers, bearings or shafts in their applications find our high quality, tight tolerance screw machine parts improve their product's performance.

Multispectral Data Helps Diagnose Cancer

In endoscopy, there have been attempts for many years to show doctors important additional information live on the endoscopy video to help them with their diagnosis. Now, for the first time, there is a technology at the threshold to the medical device market capable of delivering the relevant spectral information in real time.

Innovative Radio Sensors Withstand High Radiation Exposures

CTR specialises in the development of surface acoustic waves (SAW) sensors, which are suited to particularly demanding identification and measuring tasks. Now their gamma-ray resistance has been successfully tested: they endure 500kGy (Kilogray) without performance loss. Their upper-load limit is currently unknown.

ModiQuest Research and BINDER: Successful Together

ModiQuest Research is a young and dynamic biotechnology company that is based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. ModiQuest Research discovers, develops, and markets new tools and technologies for use in human diagnostics and therapeutics.

ELASTRON at K-Fair 2010

ELASTRON as a high quality TPE manufacturer will exhibit at K-Fair (International Trade Fair), to be held on 27 Oct - 3 Nov, 2010, in Düsseldorf, Germany. ELASTRON will introduce its latest thermoplastic elastomer materials, its services and custom made solutions at the exhibition

ELASTRON TPEs in Medical Applications

Elastron® announces a broad range of new Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compounds for the medical industry. TPE compounds are already known to have excellent properties such as good flexibility, high heat resistance, recyclability and ease of processibility. Elastron® guarantees the highest product purity and a constant product quality with these excellent properties.

Norwegian EMS-Provider Kitron has Secured New Orders

Kitron ASA's subsidiary Kitron AS in Arendal (Norway) has received new orders within the medical equipment segment of about NOK67 million (€7.1 million). Deliveries will take place in the first half of 2011.

Planar TFEL Displays Selected by the China Ministry of Railroad

Planar Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, has been named the official display provider to Xingtai Xianfeng Ultrasonic Electronics for its ultrasonic rail-flaw detectors operating on China's entire railway network. Planar was awarded a China Ministry of Railroad contract to supply 6,000 EL320.240.36HB display components because of its proprietary thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) display technology.

Planar Showcases New Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System Family at InfoComm 2010

At InfoComm 2010, Planar Systems, Inc., is unveiling the family of products and technologies which further establish the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System as an industry-leading solution for new video wall applications in digital signage, control room, and corporate environments. Together, these products and technologies set a new standard for LCD video wall performance, functionality, and ease of installation and service. They are being shown in Planar's InfoComm booth, #C5658.

Medisize Expands Thermal Welding Capability

Medisize, a manufacturing partner of custom-made, single use drug delivery devices, primary pharmaceutical packaging and medical and diagnostic devices, has expanded its thermal welding capabilities at its Irish based manufacturing plant.

New: IEC60601-1 Compliant Kontron PCIe Medical LAN Card

Today Kontron announced the PCIe Medical LAN Card, an IEC60601-1 compliant PCIe Gigabit Ethernet card, which can be used for the direct network connection of conventional IT equipment to medical devices. With this card, expensive medical LAN isolators, which otherwise would have to be inserted between the LAN port and a medical device, are no longer needed lowering costs and simplifying overall system design.

Lizard: The Innovative CPU Module Based on TI AM3505/AM3517 Processors

Dave, a company specialised in design, production and marketing of miniaturised embedded systems for industrial applications, launches on the market Lizard, the new CPU module based on the newly announced AM3505 and AM3517 ARM microprocessor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).

Wyeth Reduces Risk with Dyadem Software

Dyadem, the market leader in quality lifecycle management and risk lifecycle management solutions, has announced that Wyeth, a global leader in prescription pharmaceuticals and non-prescription consumer health care products, is using software from Dyadem to enhance and standardize its risk assessments.

Medical Device Manufacturers Turn to Dyadem for Regulatory Compliance

As medical device manufacturers come under heavier scrutiny to ensure patient safety, they are increasingly turning to Dyadem for help implementing a quality risk management platform that can identify, analyze, mitigate and monitor quality risks throughout their organisations.

Genzyme Boosts Quality Using Dyadem Quality Lifecycle Management

Dyadem, the market leader in quality lifecycle management and risk lifecycle management solutions, has announced that Genzyme Corporation, one of the world's leading biotechnology companies, is using software from Dyadem to enhance the quality of the medical devices produced in its bio-surgery division.

Schurter Introduces New USFF 1206 Fuses

Schurter introduces the new USFF 1206 fuses with super-quick-acting characteristic for low current applications. The new product extends the current range of the successful USF 1206 for lower ratings ranging from 160mA to 250mA.

BioPharm Insight Has New Licencing Agreement Content and Search

BioPharm Insight™ by Infinata, a leading provider of life science industry information and insight, today announced a significant enhancement to their BioPharm Insight online database product. The latest release of BioPharm Insight includes new licensing agreement content and a new search, enabling users to gain easy access to this content.

Significant Growth from New Fiber Laser Products Triggers Investment Across Production, Engineering and Sales in 2010

SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, announced on 22 Jan 2010 that it was increasing investment in people, machinery and sales channel following significant growth in demand for its products. This combined with further new product releases planned in each quarter of 2010 has warranted a doubling of manufacturing floor space, recruiting across operational, engineering and sales functions and investing in sales and application development facilities.

Biocoat Installs Automated Coating Equipment to Increase Coating Capacity

Biocoat, Inc., maker of lubricious HYDAK® hydrophilic coatings has completed installation of a new automated dip coating apparatus that allows increased coatings development capacity. Biocoat and DipTech Systems, Inc cooperated in 2009 to design and build the new coatings line, dubbed "Big Dipper".

Biocoat and Agion to Develop and Co-market Coatings for Medical Devices

Biocoat, Inc., maker of lubricious Hydak® hydrophilic coatings, and Agion Technologies, the worldwide leader in natural silver-based antimicrobial solutions, announced on 2 April 2009 a co-marketing agreement to develop and promote a coatings product line featuring Agion's antimicrobial protection for medical devices.

Epilog Laser Releases Zing 24 Rotary Attachment

From the ARA International Awards Market in Las Vegas, Epilog Laser, the leading producer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting and marking systems today announced the release of the Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment.

Objet Releases Software Enhancement for SolidWorks 2009

Objet Geometries, the innovation leader in 3D printing, has announced CADMatrix, a new add-in for SolidWorks 2009 computer-aided design (CAD) software that allows direct control of 3D model material preferences for Connex printing.

New Fanless ETX Computer Module Drives Multiple Applications (SOM-4461)

Advantech, a global leading industrial PC solution and service provider, reveals the latest in its line of ultra low power ETX Computer on Module (COM) products. The SOM-4461 is a 114mm x 95mm sized CPU module that is powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor with 945GSE chipset which utilises advanced power management technology.

Kontron Provides One-Stop-Shop for Embedded Medical Computing Technology

Medical professionals require highly reliable computing equipment that meets strict international requirements on safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). To meet these demands cost-effectively, Kontron provides a single source for designing and producing medical computing equipment like the mobile computer for adjusting pacemakers for the Sorin Group.

Epilog Laser Launches 64-bit Driver

Epilog Laser, the leading producer of CO2 and fiber laser systems, today announced the company's current product line is compatible with 64-bit versions of recent Windows operating systems, including the new Windows 7.

Bridging Studies

A longstanding relationship between J-CLIPNET and CHDR was formalised by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Nov 16 2009.

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