For over three decades, ONEX RF has been designing automated systems for the medical device manufacturing industry, placing the main focus on Catheter Tipping and HF Heat Sealing Machines. With a solid reputation in the industry since 1991, ONEX has continuously pushed the boundaries of high-speed assembly process automation. However, since 2007 they have transformed their efforts, focusing on standardization of systems for plastic forming and bonding applications. These cutting-edge solutions are meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of the medical device manufacturing industry. 

Elevating Catheter Tipping Technology

In medical device manufacturing, ONEX RF stands out by offering unique and fast-to-market solutions, such as crafting catheter tip-forming machines with closed-loop feedback. Their engineering proficiency ensures accuracy in the delicate process of catheter manufacturing, reflecting their commitment to precise mold making and RF technology in consistently forming various grades of plastic tubing used in producing catheter products.

Tipping Dies in 2-3 weeks 

ONEX RF designs and manufactures dies internally. Collaborating closely with their clients, they meticulously define the optimal die design that perfectly aligns with the specific application requirements. 

What sets ONEX RF apart is its ability to deliver exceptional results within incredibly tight timelines, completing the entire process in just 2 to 3 weeks.

Besides making the dies, the ONEX RF team of engineers is constantly developing tip-forming processes with newly made dies to help R&D or OEM clients test samples faster than it would take them to develop, letting them focus on other priorities in their process. ONEX offers a service called Proof of Principle (POP), which includes:

  • Die design and manufacturing
  • Tuned coil assembly
  • Standard or custom mandrels
  • Process development
  • Samples for customer evaluation

The highest priority for ONEX RF is to ensure the timely and successful completion of catheter tip-forming projects, fully understanding the significance of meeting deadlines. The Client base choosing to partner with ONEX RF has been expanding every year, which helps them develop new products and bring new solutions to the dynamic catheter manufacturing marketplace.