From wearable patches and drug delivery devices to miniaturized scalpels and drills to various prosthesis elements, DuPont serves a broad spectrum of medical device applications requiring high-quality, high-purity materials that are easy to process.

DuPont does more than develop high-performance medical-grade elastomers, adhesives, resins and thermoplastics that are specially formulated for healthcare markets. The company also supports customers in materials research, application development, technology, safety and regulatory compliance – all backed by global manufacturing and supply strength and 70+ years of experience serving the healthcare industry.

In addition, DuPont collaborates with manufacturers worldwide to create solutions across a vast array of medical applications – including smart devices that share data between patients and doctors, empowering patients with greater freedom and independence.

Whether for drug delivery, monitoring devices or implantables, DuPont Liveo Healthcare Solutions help enable positive patient outcomes through advanced medical technology. More information can be found at