Camozzi is a global leader that responds to the needs of an increasingly complex and innovative market, in both the industrial and the life science sectors.

The Life Science portfolio includes miniaturized solenoid valves with low power consumption along with fluid isolation suitable for use in portable pocket devices. Proportional solenoid valves complete the range together with pressure regulators designed for use in all applications where the single component needs to be integrated in customized pneumatic circuits.

Devices and machines used in the medical and analytical sectors require lightweight and compact components with low energy consumption. Camozzi manufactures components that satisfy the requirements of life science in terms of performance, both material compatibility and specific legislation, such as dental and anaesthesia equipment, ventilators, dialysis equipment, oxygen therapy, hospital sterilisers, surgery equipment, and much more.

In order to guarantee the best quality in all production phases, Camozzi has created controlled atmosphere environments and an ISO 7 cleanroom for the assembly of products and for solutions that require cleanliness and the elimination of all organic and inorganic contaminants. Ultrasonic cleaning and inspection equipment make it possible to supply components that can be used with aggressive liquids and highly flammable gases like oxygen.

Camozzi main goal is to be close to its customers throughout the world and it is through such partnerships that it provides quality components and custom systems in accordance with local regulations and standards. The company has broad experience in the development of a range of customised solutions for the control of liquid and gaseous fluids. These solutions combine miniaturised solenoid valves and other components to produce modern and functional design with high performance systems.