Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class technologies to address the ever-growing demand for new and sustainable materials. With the ambition of becoming a pure player in Specialty Materials by 2024, the Group is structured into 3 complementary, resilient and highly innovative segments -Adhesive solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions. Specialty Materials account for some 82% of the Groups sales and is a well-positioned and competitive Intermediate segment. The Group reported sales of around €8 billion in 2020, and operates in some 55 countries with 20,600 employees worldwide

Arkema is committed to providing the highest quality materials for the medical market. For ten years, Arkema has supplied medical grades with its High Performance Polymers products. An extensive range of medical grades are available from its main product lines (Pebax® SA 01 MED, Rilsan® MED, Rilsamid® MED, Rilsan® Clear MED and Kynar® MED) that Arkema sells exclusively to the medical device market worldwide. For example, High Performance Polymers medical grades are used to produce catheters, balloons, surgical tools, IV bags, transparent connectors and much more.