Philips is re-entering the hearing healthcare market with a range of hearing aids, accessories and applications.

In collaboration with the Danish hearing aid manufacturer Demant, the new hearing aids, named Philips Hearlink, are now available to hearing care professionals and hearing aid users the UK and US, among others.

Søren Skjærbæk, senior director at Demant, said: “Philips and Demant share a vision of improving health through innovation.

“Allowing people to live an active life where they connect to the world and people around them is important for Demant.”

Philips hearing aids
Senior director Søren Skjærbæk (Credit: Demant)

How will the collaboration improve people’s lives?

Previously known as William Demant Holding, Demant will work alongside Philips Hearing Solutions, after a licensing partnership agreement was announced last summer.

Demant is the parent company of Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon hearing aids, as well as Oticon Medical.

The partnership is expected to strengthen and add value to both companies’ ambition to improve people’s lives.

Mr Skjærbæk said: “Research even points in a direction that if you don’t treat your hearing loss it may lead to social isolation and is a risk factor to dementia.”

The companies hope by “combining Demant’s hearing aid technology with Philips’ global brand presence in healthcare”, it will enrich the hearing healthcare experience and support the healthy lifestyle for people suffering with hearing loss.

The Hearlink devices can be connected to other devices, including smartphones and televisions.

Mr Skjærbæk added: “Philips Hearing Solutions are a unique combination of premium hearing aids and a world renowned brand.

“These Philips Hearing Solutions will quickly become a trusted brand with hearing care providers and users, as it has great potential around the world to present unique opportunities for hearing care professionals in an ever-evolving market.”


What are the new range of Philips premium hearing aids?

Philips hearing aids
The miniRITE T hearing aid (Credit: Philips)

The Philips products come in a variety of forms, each with a special feature to focus on  different points of the ear, and various wireless connectivity options, rechargeable battery technology.

The range is made up of seven hearing aid models, comprising three receivers in-canal devices, one behind-the-ear device and three custom in-ear hearing aids

Moreover, Philips Hearlink makes use of two key technologies to enhance the user’s experience, SoundMap and SoundTie.

SoundMap creates the sound of Philips Hearlink by clarifying the sound of voices by reducing the distracting noises.

Mr Skjærbæk explained: “Philips Hearlink uses SoundMap technology which supports the users to connect to people close to them and SoundTie technology, which connects to the world around them.

“So the technology also supports our goal of creating connections and lives up to what we proudly say: ‘If you listen better, you connect better’.”