The agreement marks the third major purchase of ZOLL advanced and basic life support equipment by OPS since the service was created in 2001 as one of the largest pre-hospital providers in Canada.

“All of ZOLL’s equipment use the same operating system, work similarly, and are easy to use. We were looking at a fully integrated system as the most significant factor in providing care to our community,” said chief Anthony Di Monte.

“With the astounding success of our STEMI program, our service is one of the most sophisticated pre-hospital services in North America, and ZOLL’s system will allow us to continue the highest level of care possible to the 880,000 citizens and the 7 million annual visitors to Canada’s capital,” adds chief Di Monte.

“ZOLL is extremely pleased that Ottawa Paramedic Service places such a high value on our resuscitation equipment in helping to improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest, the leading cause of unexpected death worldwide,” said Richard A. Packer, chairman and chief executive officer of ZOLL.

The ZOLL E Series is designed to meet the specific demands and extreme conditions that professional rescuers face every day. The E Series offers multiple data transmission options to a variety of destinations, including transmission of 12-lead ECGs to hospitals, which International Guidelines now recommend for out-of-hospital use to help reduce time to perfusion in S-T segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients. Real CPR Help in all of ZOLL’s devices instantly provides first responders and advanced paramedics with technology to see how well they are performing the rate and depth of CPR chest compressions. See-Thru CPR, on the E Series and AED Pro advanced devices, can help them minimize interruptions in CPR that effect resuscitation success.