The company said the new applicator is anatomically designed with curved cooling plates to enhance fit and tissue draw on the body.

Recent study conducted on 15 patients using the CoolCurve+ applicator demonstrated that 36% more patients, who previously did not have adequate tissue draw due to their body shape, could be treated successfully with the CoolCurve+.

In addition, of all patients in the study, 73% experienced better fit and 80% experienced better tissue draw.

In addition to the new technology, the company’s first product, the CoolSculpting system, is designed to selectively reduce stubborn fat bulges, which are more sensitive to cold than the overlying skin and surrounding tissues.

In a separate 25 patient study, the patient feedback revealed on CoolCurve+ shows 92 % satisfaction and 100% who would recommend CoolSculpting with the CoolCurve+ applicator.

SkinCare Physicians managing partner Michael Kaminer said ZELTIQ is continually exploring ways to innovate the CoolSculpting procedure, as demonstrated by the new CoolCurve+ applicator.

"That commitment to excellence benefits both my patients and practice," Kaminer added.