The undisclosed Chinese company selected Zecotek’s LFS scintillation crystals for a new series of PET medical imaging devices.

Zecotek Photonics chairman, president, and CEO Dr Zerrouk said: "Although estimated to be the fourth largest in size today, the Chinese medical scanning device market is one of the world’s fastest growing and represents a great opportunity for Zecotek.

"China continues to experience rapid economic growth, a growing middle class and an aging population.

"These factors have placed pressure on the Chinese government to increase investment in medical diagnostics including imaging in hospitals and medical centers around the country."

According to Zecotek, the Beijing Opto-Electronics Technology Company (BOET), a subsidiary of North-China Research Institute of Electronics-Optics, will supply the LFS scintillation crystals.

The scintillation crystals of Zecotek exhibit fast decay times and allow for higher-resolution operation of medical as well as industrial imaging devices including PET medical scanners.

The company’s line of LFS crystals also covers a range of emission wavelengths which can be modified to suit the spectral sensitivity of various photo detectors.

Zecotek Photonics develops scintillation crystals, photo detectors, positron emission tomography scanning technologies, 3D auto-stereoscopic displays, 3D metal printing, in addition to lasers for applications in medical, high-tech and industrial sectors.