Developed by ZDi Solutions chief design officer, the Z-system includes Z-Box, Z-Square and Z-Tilt.

The Z-system has been developed to specifically target the needs and circumstances of proton therapy staffs and patients, in addition to benefiting conventional radiation therapy treatments.

The initial products of the line are focusing on the breast and thoracic areas, while following devices are concentrating on other anatomical regions.

Z-Box, which is the supportive piece of the Z-System, is a winged apparatus used during immobilization foam mold fabrication, mostly during CT simulation. It is adjustable to any arm position.

Z-Box also includes side wings on the board, which operate on a hinge that can be raised or lowered to the desired height to fully support the patient's arms.

ZDi said that it has tested the device at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville.

According to the company, the Z-System provides an advanced patient positioning unit to the proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy markets.

ZDi Solutions CEO John Hawkins said: "FDA approval was the next step in our launch process, and we are now very excited to introduce this product to the radiation oncology community with full credentials.”

ZDi chief learning officer Cheryl Turner said: "The interest shown by national and international radiation oncology communities is a testament to our commitment in delivering highest quality products and service.”