The acquired product lines include VarnishAmerica fluoride varnish, SealAmerica pit & fissure dental sealant kits and FluoriSHIELD dental gel.

These products are used primarily in preventive dental procedures in private practices, school-based settings and public health institutions.

"This acquisition further broadens our comprehensive preventive product offering," said Dave Sproat, CEO of Young Innovations. "The VarnishAmerica brand represents a legacy of high-quality fluoride varnish and a commitment to delivering preventive oral care in schools and public health institutions."

"We are proud to announce the continued execution of our focused acquisition strategy in preventive dentistry," added Andrew Jones, Vice President of Corporate Development at Young Innovations. "Our growing portfolio allows us to better support our distributor partners and provide dental professionals with the highest quality products and solutions."

VarnishAmerica, SealAmerica and FluoriSHIELD customers will receive communication from Young ahead of any changes to ordering and customer service processes. Manufacturing of these products will be transitioned to Young's facility in Earth City, MO.

Young Innovations, Inc. is a portfolio company of Linden Capital Partners.

Young Innovations is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of supplies and equipment used by dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and consumers. Our portfolio of brands includes products that hold leadership positions in the preventive, restorative, orthodontic, endodontic and diagnostic segments.