Gary Green, PhD, chief technology officer of York Instruments, said, "We are excited to present what we believe is a much improved and innovative new MEG platform to the global MEG community.

York’s new MEG platform is a result of our commitment to providing the best available MEG technology to the clinical and research neuroscience community and, as such, we have partnered with industry leading institutions for the development of a best in class MEG device."

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a noninvasive multi-modality imaging device that is excellent at delineating networks within the brain. It is used clinically in the field of surgical epilepsy as well as tumor localization. From a research perspective the MEG is used in the fields of autism, mild to moderate TBI, neuropsychiatric disorders, as well as functional disorders of the brain.

York Instruments is UK based company specializing in magnetic measurements and their healthcare applications.

Using the very latest technologies and methodologies, York is focused on improving the sensitivity and precision for monitoring biologically generated magnetic fields, thereby allowing earlier and improved diagnostic capability for a variety of a neurological diseases and conditions.