Xtreem Pulse is delighted to launch the premier facial elevation and sculpting tool on the market, using patented Triple-Wave stimulation to deeply activate and elevate your facial muscles, giving you the appearance of a fuller, more youthful face in just 10 minutes.

Perfect to use at home, on holiday, in the office, or on the go.

PureLift’s new design features diamond-faceted probes that allow the stimulation to cover more surface area, and create a gentle, subtle stimulation with greater strength than a typical round, smooth head, for the best lift yet.

The technology has also been advanced with a new, simpler interface that offers low to high settings to achieve better control and adapt to different skin types and needs.

How it works: The face is made up of 43 small yet powerful muscles that over time become weak and, as in many other parts of the body, the skin loses its elasticity.  PureLift applies a mild yet forceful Triple-Wave stimulation to the face, strengthening the muscles as you would strengthen any other muscle in the body through workouts and exercise. “Finally, there is a new technology for beauty in the marketplace that works,” says CEO Andrew Barile. Unique patented high, medium, and low-frequency waves allow for deeper penetration with a more comfortable sensation than conventional devices.

New PureLift FACE Patented Frequency, developed by Xtreem Pulse: The special waveform with a fundamental frequency of 1,370 Hz to 1,730Hz contains a low-frequency wave and a high-frequency component that create strong muscle activation with a more comfortable sensation.

Key Benefits:


Instant visible face lift

Face tightening

Reduced puffiness

Deep skin cleansing

Softened skin texture

Good for all skin types

Quick, comfortable and easy to use


PureLift has been adapted by leading skincare companies and brands around the world such as FACEGYM, Canyon Ranch, Jurlique and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

PureLift is manufactured by Xtreem Pulse LLC, a medical/beauty/health care technology company focused on advanced preventive health care and anti-aging products and solutions for wellness, spa, fitness, and medical professionals. Also, the manufacturer of FDA-CLEARED PureFlow technology, a cutting edge recovery and performance technology.

Source: Company Press Release