XTend Medical, a provider of medical devices and telemedicine solutions for the healthcare industry, has secured patents to begin the commercialisation of the BioHarp Medical device.

The BioHarp is a patented, non-invasive unit that scans and takes the patient’s baseline reading through a simple, 5 minute pre-scan.

The BioHarp is a fully transportable unit that can be used by physicians to diagnose potential problems easily.

XTend Medical’s patent counsel, Knobbe, Martens, Olsen, & Bear, has successfully been able to secure the transfers of the patents associated with the BioHarp to XTend Medical.

The company has been in contact with several manufacturers working closely with the company to produce the BioHarp device.

XTend Medical said that it continues to receive interest from numerous global distributors looking to bring the BioHarp into various countries for implementation into their healthcare programs wherein the BioHarp could play a role in their future healthcare plans.