The new solution will be exhibited at the USCAP Annual Meeting at the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, US, which is being held from 12 to 18 March.

Xifin ProNet allows the exchange and management of key healthcare images, data, and reports to aggregate patient and diagnostic information, optimize collaborative workflows across and between enterprises.

It will also facilitate peer and case review, quality assurance, consultation and treatment planning.

Xifin CEO Lâle White said: "The newly expanded Xifin ProNet is designed to enable a more efficient and collaborative diagnostic process and workflow to ensure better health outcomes at lower cost."

The platform also allows to correlate results between disciplines to address areas of discordance to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes.

In addition, it helps to access comprehensive continuity of care documents with integrated radiology and pathology images for improved collaboration and patient engagement.

Xifin ProNet platform will feature two new partner apps, including QualityStar’s anatomic pathology case review service and Mikroscan’s real time microscopy solutions.