The patented FOSSHIELD antimicrobial technology uses a silver and copper ion system to deliver effective and permanent protection from microbes with no risk to humans or pets or impact on the environment.

Furthermore, it can be blended into almost any fabric or polymer from cotton to nylon or PVC to ABS without changing their characteristics.

Independent test results show FOSSHIELD has a 99.9% kill rate against many bacterial and viral strains such as Pneumonia, MRSA, Rhino virus, Influenza ‘A,’ Swine Flu, Salmonella and the Norwalk virus.

Xentris Wireless CEO Bill Christy said they are thrilled to partner with Foss Manufacturing, the maker of FOSSHIELD, to bring this innovative product line to market.

"These covers will not only protect the phone from bumps and scratches, but it will help protect the user from bacteria and viruses," Christy said.

Foss Manufacturing CEO AJ Nassar said FOSSHIELD has proven to be safe and effective in a medical device with the FDA clearance of the SpectraShield 9500 Surgical N95 Respirator Mask.

Foss Manufacturing is a provider in the specialty fibers, non-woven and needle-punch fabrics industry.

From raw fiber to finished fabrics, Foss provides solutions for automotive, apparel, carpeting, construction, medical, and many other industries across the globe.