Platform to advance method standardisation across global sites

WuXi PharmaTech has purchased a Labcyte POD 810 plate assembler, which is equipped with an Echo 555 acoustic liquid handler for its work in high- throughput screening and secondary screening.

The company claims that the POD 810 plate assembler transforms any Echo acoustic liquid handler into a Plates-On-Demand instrument. The POD system is controlled by its Intellectual Scheduler with built-in intelligence to automatically adjust workflow to maximise productivity.

Qiang Lu, vice president of discovery biology at WuXi PharmaTech, said: “Acoustic liquid handling is clearly the method of choice in drug discovery. We are very pleased to incorporate the POD 810 into our systems. It will make our drug discovery efforts significantly more productive while it reduces cost through the elimination of disposable plastic tips. We know that acoustic liquid handling will significantly improve the quality of the data we generate. We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with Labcyte.”

Mark Fischer-Colbrie, president and CEO of Labcyte , said: “The POD platform is uniquely positioned to advance method standardisation across global sites. It eliminates the unnecessary delays associated with customised integration.”

Sanger Chang, general manager of Tekon Biotech, said: “We are very pleased WuXi PharmaTech decided to acquire a Labcyte POD system. Our exclusive relationship with Labcyte is further validation of our efforts to be the leading supplier of instrument systems for pharmaceutical research to the Chinese market by providing the highest level of technical support and service.”