The Wright Medical booth (124) at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center will feature the following foot and ankle product innovations:

INBONE Total Ankle System: Experience the Elegance of IM Guidance

The INBONE Total Ankle System is the ankle replacement system on the market utilizing intramedullary guidance instrumentation and in-situ assembly of the modular ankle implants. These unique features help reduce the “learning curve” associated with traditional ankle replacement systems, thus allowing accurate and highly-stable implant placement.

ENDO-FUSE Intra-osseous Fusion System: Achieve Fusion from the Inside Out

The company’s new ENDO-FUSE Intra-osseous Fusion System offers a approach to fusion and osteotomy fixation of joints in the foot. The ENDO-FUSE system features both “beam” and “rod” shaped implants that are designed to reside completely within the bone, thus eliminating the possibility of irritation to tendons and soft-tissues. Made of titanium, ENDO-FUSE implants’ plasma coated surface allows bone on-growth across the entire surface of the device. This creates the opportunity for greater fixation and a stable environment for fusion to occur.

G-FORCE Foot and Ankle Tenodesis System: High Strength and Radiolucent

With around 120,000 foot and ankle soft-tissue fixation procedures performed annually in the US., the need for advanced soft tissue fixation devices is extensive. The G-FORCE Tenodesis System represents an advanced treatment option for the repair of damaged tendons, and re-routing or “transfer” of tendons of the foot. Key features include streamlined instrumentation which allows optimal tendon tensioning, high fixation strength (demonstrated as up to 35% stronger than the leading competitive device), and a radiolucent PEEK Optima implant material. The G-FORCE Tenodesis System will offer unique screw sizes and instruments specifically designed for foot and ankle surgical applications.

BIOFOAM Foot and Ankle Wedge System: Porous Titanium that Mimics Human Bone

With the new BIOFOAM Evans Wedge System for corrective osteotomies of the foot, Wright is bringing its clinically-proven, proprietary BIOFOAM™ CANCELLOUS TITANIUM technology to the foot and ankle surgeon. This innovative material mimics the strength and flexibility of human bone, while providing an ideal environment for rapid bone in-growth and sustained rigid fixation. BIOFOAM implants are sized specifically for bone corrective procedures such as “Evans lengthening” and “Cotton osteotomy” procedures popular for treating patients with advanced flatfoot deformity. The sterile BIOFOAM implants eliminate the risk of adverse immune response associated with traditional allografts or the patient morbidity associated with autograft harvest — the current standard of care for these procedures.

Additionally with pre-configured implants and sizing trials, BIOFOAM wedges eliminate the timely process of shaping traditional grafts for proper fit, thus speeding the surgical case.

CHARLOTTE Lisfranc Reconstruction System: Procedure-Specific System for Lisfranc Repair

Wright’s new Lisfranc system offers surgeons a unique solution to surgical reconstruction of Lisfranc injuries to the foot. Typically an athletic injury that damages key ligaments that support the bones in the middle of the foot, Lisfranc injuries have historically lacked sophisticated surgical implants optimized for this challenging repair. The introduction of the new CHARLOTTE Lisfranc system provides surgeons, for the first time, specialized screw and plate designs and patent-pending targeting instrumentation to help improve the clinical outcomes for their patients. This system typifies Wright’s commitment to targeting specific injuries and developing procedure-specific systems to make the procedure more efficient and reliable.

“With intense focus and commitment over the last several years, Wright has now established itself as the leading company for foot and ankle surgical products. We are excited to highlight our most recent innovations, along with our expansive existing portfolio of products, to surgeons attending the ACFAS meeting later this week in Washington, D.C.,” commented John T. Treace, vice president of biologic and extremity marketing for Wright Medical.