Wright Medical Group, an orthopaedic medical device company, has launched Pro-Stim Injectable Inductive Graft.

Pro-Stim graft is the latest addition to Wright’s Biologics franchise, which includes products such as Xpansion Micrografting System, Pro-Dense Injectable Regenerative Graft, Graftjacket Regenerative Tissue Matrix, Biotape XM Reinforcement Matrix, Osteoset T Medicated Bone Graft (not available in the US), and the Allopure line of foot and ankle bone wedges.

Pro-Stim graft is a composite grafting material that is injected through a small needle or digitally implanted, hardens, replaced by the patient’s new bone over time.

Pro-Stim graft provides surgeons with the osteoconductive base material (a patented combination of calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate materials), but adds a high volume of osteoinductive demineralised bone matrix (DBM) to the formulation to speed the healing and remodeling process, Wright Medical said.

Wright Biologics Marketing director Rick Swaim said that this has been a very controlled product release and extra time and resources were invested in order to generate strong clinical experience prior to our full-scale commercial release.

“Based on clinical experience in over 600 procedures performed at top orthopaedic centers, we are confident that Pro-Stimgraft will deliver results very consistent with our pre-clinical animal trial results,” Swaim said.