Designed by foot and ankle surgeons, the VALOR Ankle Fusion Nail system is a comprehensive and advanced solution for fusion of three bones in the foot and ankle, the calcaneus, the talus and the tibia, the company claims. The VALOR Ankle Fusion Nail system consists of multiple implant sizes, lengths and configurations which ensures an accurate fit based on patient’s needs. Each fusion nail implant incorporates an innovative compression device which allows surgeons to control the compression between the bone surfaces. This enhanced compression feature is designed to maximize the likelihood of a solid fusion, thereby alleviating pain.

Carroll P. Jones, M.D. of OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, North Carolina commented: “The VALOR Ankle Fusion Nail combines traditional intramedullary fixation techniques with a novel internal compression technology, efficient and stable instrumentation along with a secure fixed angled construct. In my opinion, surgeons will find all of these benefits an improvement over other designs on the market.”

“Ankle arthritis is a growing problem, with two million people visiting the doctor every year because of pain from ankle arthritis or fractures,” states Bob Fencl, Director of Wright’s Foot and Ankle business. “While some of these patients are candidates for our INBONE total ankle replacement, many are best suited for a traditional fusion procedure. The addition of the VALOR fusion nail to Wright’s portfolio creates the surgeon convenience of a one stop shop service point in treating these challenging cases.”

“The VALOR Ankle Fusion Nail is the next generation of fixation technology that incorporates accurate instrumentation for intra-operative reproducibility. Coupled with the INBONE total ankle replacement, Wright uniquely offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to address the challenges associated with complex ankle surgery,” notes Gregory C. Berlet, M.D. of the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The new VALOR Ankle Fusion Nail will be made available in a limited-release immediately in the US through Wright’s specialized foot and ankle sales force. Full rollout is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2010. Additionally, the system will be marketed in select countries outside the US through Wright’s direct and distributor-based sales representatives.