Configured to integrate with facilities’ EMR and HIPAA-compliant, WoundVision iNSIGHT serves as a base mechanism for patient assessment management.

The technology provides multiple means to acquire essential patient information bedside through an array of assessments, including a comprehensive assessment, a quick assessment, a skin and soft tissue assessment and a wound tracker assessment.

iNSIGHT’s predictive models produce patient risk graphs, trend lines representing the patient’s series of health, wound probability graphs, wound healing graphs and wound differential graphs to ensure informed and accurate clinical decisions.

The critical data is then accessible from any internet-connected computer, providing a view to the patient throughout their experience, whether in a hospital, long-term care facility or at home.

WoundVision co-founder and CEO James Spahn said by standardizing the risk assessment process, their latest innovation promotes the continuity of care at all acuity levels, thus eliminating variability and subjectivity throughout the entire process.

"With iNSIGHT, caregivers now have the opportunity to individualize and personalize the process, while complying with government and best practices regulations," Spahn said.

The company is presently offering cost-free trials of the iNSIGHT software, which will also include the soon-to-be-released WoundVision Thermal Imaging System (TIS) for early wound detection.