Wound Management Technologies (WNDM) has reported that its Resorbable Orthopedics operating subsidiary is moving toward productisation of its patented orthopedic bone void fillers.

The company currently anticipates products to be introduced in Q3 2010, to the bio-products market. The company’s strategic intent is to target this estimated multi-billion dollar international market.

Barry Constantine, founder of Resorbable Orthopedics, said: “Resorbable Orthopedics has patented technologies that include a resorbable bone wax and a delivery system for orthopedic bone void fillers that were previously unheard of. Orthopedic disorders are expanding internationally into a multi-billion dollar market.

“These new era biotechnology products are well timed solutions in a healthcare environment where there is a great need for safer and affordable solutions to manage bone wound healing and thereby offer a better quality of life at an affordable price. Market entry is expected in 3rd quarter 2010 subject to initiation and completion of certain medical certifications.”

Scott Haire, CEO of WNDM, said: “Over the past year we have assembled a national sales force of over 40 independent representatives as well as assembled an extensive international distribution channel for our core CellerateRx product which targets an international market in excess of 2 billion dollars.

“WNDM has acquired Resorbable Orthopedics to seek to gain a foothold within the international bioproducts market by utilizing our demand side marketing program and extensive WNDM infrastructure; Resorbable’s orthopedic biomaterials products complement WNDM’s existing proven CellerateRx wound management products and expands the company’s biomaterials product portfolio.”