These will help in reporting patient progress digitally back to the headquarters of WHC.

Established in 1999 to treat complex wounds, Wound Healing Centre plan a treatment course with the help of assessment technologies and treatments.

A WHC specialist assesses each patient’s wounds and documents the progress and condition of the wound on paper which has Anoto’s patented dot pattern, which is then transmitted to the Longhand Data’s TELERwoundcare system.

This system uses intricate measurements that are individual to each patient so that the each patient’s wounds, their levels of comfort, and the effectiveness of the treatment can be graded by WHC.

WHC founder and managing director Sylvie Hampton noted that when it comes to assessing patients, it is important to capture as much information on their condition as possible.

"We often find that patients want to keep hold of their notes, so it is important that we have an instant electronic copy that we can keep on file and use to analyse the information in detail. The digital pen from Anoto makes this possible and combined with the TELER system, we can apply intricate analytics to the patients’ data and use it to design a successful treatment plan as well as track the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment."

Presently, the WHC is using the digital pens mainly at its Eastbourne headquarters. However, home patient visits are growing, the WHC intends to extend the digital pens to its patients’ homes, which will inturn help patients in reporting their own condition on a daily basis.

Longhand Data managing director Roger Young said that TELER has been designed to provide organisations such as the Wound Healing Centre with a defined measurement system that is individual to each patient.

"The WHC works with severe and difficult wounds that require a lot of monitoring and care. The Anoto digital pens directly transmit all the information from the forms to our TELER system, which allows the WHC to accurately monitor patients throughout the entire healing process," Young added.

Anoto general manager Robert Bakewell said, "Write live technology is transforming the way wound treatment is monitored. By combining it with technologies such as TELER, clinicians are able to design the best possible care path for all patients."