These 3 patents were created and designed for the gradual correction of pediatric deformities in both the upper and lower extremities.

WishBone Medical is designing and developing its own guided growth plate and instrumentation systems in sterile packed, single use, disposable kits.

This product will come in both the 2-hole and 4-hole plates systems in multiple sizes as well as options in stainless steel and titanium.  The anticipated launch will be in first quarter 2019, following FDA Clearance.

WishBone Medical board chairman Nick Deeter said: “We are excited to enter into this license agreement of patented technologies to develop, produce and sell our guided growth systems.  These systems will provide global access in sterile packed, single use disposable kits for children who are suffering with these pediatric deformities around the world.”

Mr. Deeter added, “With this sterile packed system, we can go into hospitals and surgery centers that have not had access to the traditional reusable systems.”

WishBone Medical executive vice president Dr Robert von Seggern said: As a dedicated pediatric orthopedic company, WishBone Medical needed this product to round out its large portfolio of orthopedic implants designed specifically for children with orthopedic issues.”

WishBone Medical is a global pediatric orthopedic company, committed to providing anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile packed, single use, disposable kits, to prevent infection, reduce overall costs for our customers and achieve the best outcomes for children around the world who are still growing.

WishBone Medical currently has 42 pediatric orthopedic product systems with operations in Warsaw, IN, Istanbul, Turkey, and Singapore.

Source: Company Press Release