PCHAlliance has also adopted the WLSA membership model, and its executive level engagement and Convergence Summit activities will be integrated in PCHAlliance's annual Connected Health Conference.

Since 2005, WLSA has focused on advancing digital, wireless and connected health technologies driven by medicine, science, technology, engineering and big data analytics, in order to enhance personal health and personal control of health care services.

The Wireless Health Conference series, created by WLSA, provides the highest profile cross-disciplinary research forum for the field of wireless health.

This event, hosted in collaboration with leading universities and academic institutions, will continue through a collaboration with IEEE/EMBS and with the cooperation of the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.

Robert B. McCray, Co-Founder and CEO, WLSA, has been named a Senior Advisor, Thought Leadership, of PCHAlliance; and he will continue to serve on the PCHAlliance Board of Managers.

"WLSA has significant experience addressing issues driving cutting edge wireless, connected and mobile health research in the engineering, computer science, biomedical and health disciplines. In addition, their focus on medical and health research communities is a perfect complement to our commitment to accelerate the adoption of clinical grade technology in consumer-friendly health outcomes-based business models," said Patricia (Patty) Mechael, PhD, Executive Vice President, PCHAlliance.

"Rob is highly regarded in the wireless life sciences field and brings deep personal experience in healthcare services, finance, regulation and policy. We are delighted to join forces with him to advance a new, person-driven approach to health."

"For nearly two decades, WLSA has been focused on accelerating the convergence of technology and health sectors in industry, research, government and healthcare, in order to enhance personal health and personal control of health care services," said McCray.

PCHAlliance's goal is to help people make health and wellness an effortless part of daily life. The Alliance is convening the global personal connected health community — technology companies, healthcare providers, payers, governments and the public — to accelerate the technical, business, policy and social initiatives necessary to advance the field.

PCHAlliance is developing and promoting technical standards, facilitating collaboration, convening conferences, sharing research and advocating policy to help drive personal connected health forward.

WLSA was founded in 2005 to accelerate the adoption of useful technologies and business models for the improvement of personal health and health care services. 

 Its annual Convergence Summit was the first significant executive level meeting to convene company leadership, starting with organizational co-founders QUALCOMM, J&J and Triple Tree.