Westpak has formed a new material analysis division for evaluating materials utilized in products and packaging specified by the life science and medical device industries.

The company uses specialized equipment for the evaluation of materials as per ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, ETS, IEC, UL, and related test standards.

Westpak division manager Edmund Tang said in general, the overall integrity of a product is based on the materials of which it is manufactured.

"The tests we perform provide necessary information used in the evaluation of these materials," Tang added.

"For example, we evaluate sterile barrier package system materials for the life science industry."

Westpak division director Tim Eells said clients typically have a critical problem that needs resolution and they need answers fast.

"Some examples of these we see include materials affected by changes in outsourcing, the client’s vendor switching materials or suppliers, changes in labeling or marking, attempts at cost reduction that backfire, or process variations," Eells added.

In addition, the new division will evaluate materials utilized in products and packaging specified by plastic film, corrugated, paperboard, military/aerospace, and other industries.