Wenzel Spine, a pioneer medical device company focused on providing minimally invasive, expandable stand-alone alternatives to traditional spinal fusion, announced today the limited release of the VariLift®-LX System and the first VariLift®-LX device implantation.

VariLift®-LX represents the next generation of Wenzel Spine’s innovative product lines of Expandable Stand-Alone interbody fusion devices. The zero-profile VariLift®-LX System provides a broader portfolio of options for surgeons when performing lumbar fusion procedures.

Available in two lengths and five heights, the VariLift®-LX System, allows surgeons to implant a device optimizing fit within the disc space. Streamlined and intuitive instrumentation allows for true minimally invasive lumbar fusion procedures.

Surgeons are able to implant and expand VariLift®-LX without disengaging the instrumentation that also allows them to insert autograft material. The system will be exhibited at the upcoming American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) conference in Chicago at the end of April.

Dr. Adam Lewis was the first surgeon to perform a case with the VariLift®-LX System. Dr. Lewis commented, "The VariLift®-LX System is ideally suited for minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgery.

This provides surgeons with a method to perform TLIF procedures with a 2.5 to 3 centimeter incision utilizing a single, expandable interbody device." Dr. Lewis is a neurosurgeon and founder of the Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic in Jackson, MS. Dr. Lewis added, "This is a game changer for outpatient fusion procedures.

"The VariLift®-LX System provides spine surgeons the technology and technique to move more fusion cases to an outpatient setting. After placement of the VariLift®-LX expandable device, the patient had excellent relief of the back and leg pain and was discharged later in the same day after surgery."

Chad Neely, Chief Executive Officer of Wenzel Spine, said, "We are pleased with Dr. Lewis’ outcome and appreciate his continued support of our technology. We believe our next generation VariLift®-LX System provides significant advances in our expandable stand-alone technology, and will make a significant impact to the way minimally invasive spine procedures are performed."

Wenzel Spine will be continuing the limited release over the next several weeks to multiple surgical facilities. Full launch of the VariLift®-LX System is planned in spring 2016.

Wenzel Spine, Inc. is a privately held medical device company located in Austin, TX focused on delivering simple, dependable, and proven alternatives to traditional interbody spinal fusion.

The company is dedicated to improving the overall quality of spine care by simplifying procedures and reducing recovery time.