Wellness 4 Humanity, a social enterprise whose mission is to provide easier access to fast, highly accurate COVID-19 testing, announced today it has launched pool testing with reflex testing to help Americans feel safer about heading back to work and school.

Wellness 4 Humanity’s pool testing solution offers employers and schools a cost-effective method to monitor for and quickly detect cases of COVID-19 to help prevent outbreaks.

“The U.S. is quickly ramping up vaccine distribution, but until every American is fully vaccinated, especially children, there is still the potential to spread the virus,” said Lian Nguyen Pham, CEO and co-founder of Wellness 4 Humanity. “Wellness 4 Humanity is proud to offer an efficient, cost-effective way for employers and schools to routinely test their staff and students, helping Americans begin to, once again, gather with confidence.”

Pool testing — sometimes referred to as pooled testing or pooling — combines samples from a group of people and conducts a single lab test on that sample, rather than requiring individual tests. If the pool tests negative, then all people included in that pool can be presumed negative. If the pool tests positive, Wellness 4 Humanity’s lab automatically conducts reflex testing — a follow-up test on each specimen in the positive pool — to detect the source of the active COVID-19 infection. Through reflex testing, the lab can identify the positive case within 6-8 hours of the positive pool result without any additional specimen collection needed.

“Pool testing is best used in places with large populations, like schools, offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores, and grocery stores. But it’s also a way to help prevent outbreaks in small businesses like restaurants and salons. And with added reflex testing, we save valuable time and resources,” added Nguyen Pham. “Wellness 4 Humanity’s pool testing solution is highly scalable to meet the varying needs of small, medium, and large organizations.”

Wellness 4 Humanity’s pool testing solution is simple, safe, and noninvasive with a rapid turnaround time for results, within 24-48 hours. Results are delivered via a secure web portal powered by TrustPass with reporting that’s easy to interpret.

With Wellness 4 Humanity, organizations can test their population in four easy steps:

1)  Receive Collection Supplies – Wellness 4 Humanity delivers all supplies with clear instructions for collecting samples via a RT-PCR Mid Nasal Swap (99% accuracy).

2)  Distribute and Collect Samples – Samples are collected, with no medical professionals needed, and barcodes and individual identities are recorded on tubes.

3)  Send Samples to Lab – Samples are sent to Wellness 4 Humanity’s lab using prepaid shipping materials. Scheduled pickup is available.

4)  Receive Results from TrustPass – Results are delivered within 12-24 hours of the lab receiving the samples.

As an added service to support an organization’s pool testing, Wellness 4 Humanity also can deploy a personalized Health Concierge to educate clients on COVID-19 testing and results.

Source: Company Press Release