The parties share a vision for leveraging technology to empower patient self-management and provider clinical decision-making. They each have commercialized unique and powerful health care platforms that when combined, can deliver unparalleled support to patients with diabetes.

WellDoc has launched BlueStar, the world’s first Mobile Prescription Therapy (MPT). This innovative FDA cleared product is powered by WellDoc’s patented clinical and behavioral Automated Expert Analytics System.

To obtain BlueStar, a prescription from a doctor is required. Then, the therapy provides real-time guidance to people with type 2 diabetes and clinical decision support for their health care provider. In randomized controlled trials using a prior version of BlueStar, WellDoc demonstrated significant clinical outcomes, achieving a 1.9-point reduction in A1C, the gold standard for measuring whether a person’s diabetes is in control.

The Samsung Digital Health Platform collects and integrates health information from consumer’s smartphones and other personal health devices. The platform also provides easy to use features in a mobile dashboard to help make health improvement an engaging part of everyday life.

"Samsung devices are an integral part of daily life for millions of people around the world, including those living with diabetes. At WellDoc, our mission is to support those individuals with personalized, real-time, and contextual guidance to enhance their clinical outcomes and quality of life," said Ryan Sysko, CEO of WellDoc.