The wireless connection between Welch Allyn Connex vital signs monitors and seca 360° scales and measuring devices helps reduce errors, while improving workflow.

Under the agreement, seca scales and measuring devices with the seca 360° system include digital column scales, measuring stations, pediatric scales, multifunctional wheelchair scales, bariatric scales, chair scales and seca’s newest device – the seca mBCA (medical body composition analyzer).

seca has designed each device to accommodate every kind of patient need quickly and accurately in a physician or hospital setting.

Welch Allyn Connex vital signs monitors and seca 360° scales and measuring devices communicate wirelessly through a seca adapter that plugs into the Welch Allyn Connex VSM.

They can be up to 98ft apart, depending upon office configuration, and still communicate, which will help increase workflow by reducing the need to move equipment from room to room.

Automating the interface between the respective devices can also help eliminate documentation errors by reducing the need for manual parameter recording, while also increasing the speed of recording weight and height into electronic medical records.

According to Welch Allyn, this partnership allows the company to offer for the first time a wirelessly connected weight and height patient data solution for both physician and hospital customers in low-acuity settings.

Welch Allyn Vital Signs business unit senior vice president Doug Linquest noted in order to improve patient outcomes, healthcare providers need access to accurate patient data from the initial point of care.

"And the availability of wireless connectivity between a Welch Allyn vital signs monitor and seca 360° devices allows us to provide a solution that will add up-to-date patient weight and height directly to their data and then can be transferred to an EMR," Linquest added.

The seca 360° wireless scales and measuring devices are available in countries where the Welch Allyn Connex VSM is sold.