The Certification confirms that the Helo Extense device is considered safe and a low risk device when used as intended.

The Company is in the process of completing certification of Helo Extense’s measurement function and anticipates attaining this certification during the fourth quarter of 2018.

World Technology CEO Sean McVeigh said: “The Certification is an important milestone for our Company. We believe that receipt of the Certification demonstrates our commitment and ability to develop quality products that promote wellness.

“We believe this Certification, together with certification of Helo Extense’s measurement function will not only enhance the credibility of our Helo products in our current self-monitoring wellness market, but will also pave the way for us to enter the healthcare market, once we secure appropriate approvals.”

McVeigh continued saying: “On the strategic front, we believe that we are making progress with our plan to expand our product offerings and revenue base, and we are continuing to pursue an up-listing of our common stock to Nasdaq.”

Source: Company Press Release