WCG today announced the acquisition of Intrinsic Imaging, a leading global provider of medical imaging core lab services. With over a decade of experience, a team of more than 500 board-certified physicians and comprehensive services in support of drug, medical device and artificial intelligence (AI) clinical trials, Intrinsic Imaging fortifies WCG’s scientific and regulatory capabilities, complementing the Company’s suite of solutions designed to ensure data integrity and reduce risk in clinical research.

“The growing need to visually demonstrate safety and efficacy to regulators, patients, providers, payers and other research stakeholders is driving the increasingly critical role medical imaging is playing in clinical trials,” said Donald A. Deieso, Ph.D., Executive Chairman and CEO of WCG. “Acquiring Intrinsic Imaging is yet another example of WCG’s longstanding commitment to anticipating and meeting such evolving client needs, providing trial sponsors, sites and CROs worldwide with industry-leading solutions to simplify complexity, increase precision and accelerate vital medical research that advances patient care.”

Deieso added: “We’re excited to welcome the Intrinsic Imaging team to WCG and proud to leverage our shared expertise to help clients ensure the quality and validity of their trial results across therapeutic areas, whether that involves drug, device or AI-focused clinical studies.”

One of the key drivers behind WCG’s decision to acquire Intrinsic Imaging is its commitment to quality. Certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI), Intrinsic Imaging’s quality management system is among the most comprehensive and sophisticated in the industry. Intrinsic Imaging is also the only organization in the world to hold five International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications specifically for providing imaging core lab services for clinical trials.

“Today, more and more pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies are leveraging novel imaging technologies to support their clinical trials and using imaging data as primary and surrogate endpoints for their studies,” said Dave Meadows, President of WCG’s Scientific and Regulatory Division. “In integrating Intrinsic Imaging’s capabilities into WCG’s portfolio, we’re providing clients with robust endpoint adjudication solutions, based on broad expertise spanning all therapeutic areas, indications and modalities.”

Moving forward, Intrinsic Imaging will be known as WCG Intrinsic Imaging. The organization will retain its leadership structure and continue to operate from its Bolton, Massachusetts headquarters.

“With Intrinsic Imaging’s broad therapeutic expertise, operational excellence and ISO-certified quality management systems, we are well positioned to provide exceptional imaging core lab services for clinical trials,” said Todd Joron, President, COO and Co-Founder of Intrinsic Imaging. “We are absolutely delighted to join WCG, a truly mission-driven company and one which shares our passion for imaging and our dedication to measurably improving quality, efficacy and safety in clinical trials. Now, as part of WCG, we are readily able to expand the global reach and scalability of our imaging operations and continue supporting our clients in developing some of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices.”

Source: Company Press Release