The new product line will include an automated microtaper package to run on the firm’s GPX-3000 Series glass processors.

The new option includes software and an integrated fiber handling system, which will allow in creating low-loss microtapers, nanotapers and precision-dimensioned couplers, without direct fiber handling.

Vytran’s new FSX-2000 splicer for specialty fiber is suitable for creating low-loss and high-strength splices on polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers, photonic crystal fiber (PCF), dissimilar glass compositions, soft glass fibers, and others.

The FPS-300 and FPC-200 fiber preparation stations feature thermo-mechanical stripping and ultrasonic cleaning capabilities, which will be used for preparing an optical fiber for splicing or other processing.

The final product CAC-400 cleaver can accommodate fiber clips from a variety of vendors, and cleaves fibers up to 600µ in diameter reliably and consistently.

The new products will be showcased at the BiOS Expo, which will held from 7 to 8 February at Moscone Center in San Francisco of California as well as at the Photonics West 2015, which will take place from 10 to 12 February.

During the Photonics West conference, Vytran technology director Dr Baishi Wang will teach the course "Splicing of Specialty Fibers and Glass Processing of Fused Components for Fiber Laser and Medical Probe Applications" on 8 February.