The VBASMini was developed in close collaboration with a leading neurosurgeon who had identified a need to develop a much smaller VBAS than those currently available to allow for less invasive surgery yet still enable the use of instruments.

The VBASMini is the largest clear device available that can fit through a burr hole yet still provides a large enough working channel to be useful in neurosurgery, and was designed to overcome the limitations of carrying out work through the likes of an endoscopic sheath. The smaller size also enables minimally invasive approaches to areas where existing retractors are too potentially invasive, such as the ventricles.

The VBASMini comes in two lengths and is half the diameter of Vycor’s current smallest VBAS device and is now available for purchase.

The VBASMini can retrieve a larger specimen than through a conventional neuro-endoscope and can be used to remove intracerebral hematomas, drain abscess, remove an intra-ventricular tumor and allow for outflow of irrigation while using endoscope and instruments and the placement of catheters and shunts.

Dr. Gary Magram, who recently retired as the Medical Director of Neurosurgery of Valley Children’s Hospital, Madera CA, and who worked with Vycor to develop the VBASMini, commented: "Having worked with Vycor during the design stage and viewed the final devices, I believe they will greatly improve endoscopic intra-ventricular work such as the placement of catheters and shunts or gaining access to ventricular tumors.

"I also believe the minimally invasive profile of these smaller devices will be particularly useful for pediatric ventricular work. As the next generation of neurosurgeons get experienced with the VBAS, they will be able to take advantage of the endoscope, microscope, the new exoscope, and custom made instruments for use with VBASMini, furthering the goal of minimizing the invasiveness of neurosurgery."

Peter Zachariou, Vycor’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We believe that the launch of the VBASMini represents an exciting opportunity for Vycor to address under-served neurosurgical needs in the market and is consistent with our stated objective of adding new product extensions to our core VBAS product line."

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