VuCOMP’s M-Vu breast density can be used in combination with the company’s M-Vu CAD, a computer-aided detection system, for providing a comprehensive set of high-performance analysis tools for mammography.

Using advanced computer vision algorithms, the M-Vu breast evaluates the appearance of structures and textures in the breast to differentiate between fatty and dense regions.

The algorithms then calculate a percentage of breast area that is dense and convert it to one of four density categories corresponding to the BI-RADS standard.

VuCOMP president and CEO Jeff Wehnes noted the company believes that M-Vu breast density will become an important new technology for greater objectivity and consistency in breast density assessment.

"In contrast to the volumetric approach, we designed M-Vu Breast Density to analyze the appearance of fibroglandular tissue rather than simply the total amount of such tissue, in order to better help doctors assess the risk that a cancer may be hidden in a mammogram," Wehnes added.

M-Vu breast density is immediately available.