VuCOMP has also filed seven more patents, including two for healthcare applications other than breast cancer detection.

The number of patent applications reflects VuCOMP’s dedication to medical imaging innovation, continual product improvement, and aggressive protection of its unique technologies.

The content of the applications includes advances related to its core technology — computer-aided detection and automated breast density assessment for mammography — as well as other advancements for future applications such as lung segmentation and bone suppression techniques for chest X-Rays.

VuCOMP president Jim Pike noted that the company’s dedication to continual discovery and product innovation for its customers is at the forefront of its mission.

"Our pipeline of patent applications is a testament to this commitment. We believe our customers and their patients benefit directly from improved developments in medical imaging technology," Pike added.

VuCOMP’s patent announcement follows the release of its updated M-Vu breast density assessment system, Version 2.0, an enhancement that was made immediately available to existing customers.