VuCOMP has installed an advanced computer aided detection system for mammography, M-Vu CAD in Mankato Clinic of Minnesota.

The detection system is intended to facilitate radiologists in detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

The system evaluates the images from Mankato Clinic’s new Fujifilm Aspire HD Plus and IMS Giotto 3DL digital mammography systems.

VuCOMP’s CAD system evaluates mammographic images and marks the areas of suspicion using sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

Mankato Clinic diagnostic radiologist Dr Maureen Magut said that VuCOMP’s CAD system’s sensitivity and the specificity is good.

"Another significant strength is that it picks up a lot more asymmetric densities than with our previous CAD system," Magut added.

Mankato Clinic Mammography Manager Glenda Beeck said that the VuCOMP CAD system acts almost like a second radiologist, helping to identify cancers that radiologists might otherwise miss.

"The exceptional aspect of this technology is that it increases diagnostic confidence while also reducing false positives," Beeck added.

The VuCOMP CAD system has received FDA approval for digital mammography.