Designed for research use, the NuQ immunoassay platform is comprised of 15 immunoassays across four families including NuQ-A, a family of Adduct Kits, NuQ-M, a family of Histone Modification Kits, NuQ-V, a family of Histone Variant Kits and NuQ-X, a family of DNA Methylation Kits.

Volition sales and marketing director Thomas Bygott said, "Our products uniquely profile intact nucleosomes enabling quantification of, and comparison between, various epigenetic features."

Volition nucleosomics platform chief scientific officer Jake Micallef said the kits, which the company is developing for clinical use in oncology, can also be used to study epigenetic structures in nucleosomes.

"The patent-protected technology is a novel and basic epigenetic tool applicable to researchers working in many disease areas as well as diverse biological fields like apoptosis, embryology, and stem cell research," Micallef added.

"Our range of NuQ kits will address these varied needs."

The company said the assays were launched at the Biochemical Society’s Annual Symposium, which held at Leeds, England.