The new products include SyncVision and iFR Modality co-registration tools, according to the company.

SyncVision features a live and on-line image processing workstation for coronary catheterizations, which helps physicians to simultaneously navigate on both an angiogram and an IVUS image in a single correlated view.

Currently, the system is installed in select institutions in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

The iFR Modality is a physiologic measurement, which can be performed using the same pressure wires and equipment utilized in cath labs for Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR).

It helps in avoiding injection of hyperemic agents into the patient, which will induce stress to the heart.

The technology, which was studied in around 4,000 patients, has been cleared by FDA in March 2014.

Volcano president and CEO Scott Huennekens said the iFR Modality and SyncVision co-registration tools will allow the company to add precision to everyday tools, with workflows that are fast and simple enough to be adopted in the busiest of cath labs.

"TCT is a great week for physicians and hospital team members to see these tools live for themselves and plan how to make them a part of their cath lab routine," Huennekens added.