Using Opal-RAD PACS, BRA radiologists will have any time, anywhere access to FHC images. They will log into the Viztek Opal-RAD PACS through a customized FHC web portal and have remote access to the full-featured Opal-RAD application and its multi-modality image archive. FHC selected Viztek because it offers advanced remote reading functionality at a uniquely affordable price point.

Viztek Opal-RAD, a state-of-the-art, customizable PACS, was configured to meet the hospital’s specific needs and offered radiologists many of the same advanced features as more costly PACS solutions. As FHC continues to grow, Opal-RAD PACS will help make the most of its budget, while leveraging advanced technology to support immediate, accurate image reading.

Particularly when working with children, immediate and reliable image access is critical. Prior to this, FHC images were sent across town by courier to BMC. The move to Viztek Opal-RAD PACS will enhance exam turn around time, while cutting costs.

“Opal-RAD PACS is an excellent fit for Franciscan Hospital for Children, which needs quality, efficient image reading but does not have the ability to support a full-time onsite radiologist serving the general patient population of the hospital,” said Steve Deaton, Vice President of Sales for Viztek. “We are pleased to partner with the dedicated hospital team to help enhance their quality of medical care.”