Product is available for 850nm and 680nm wavelengths and is optimized for output power ranging from 50mW to 10W.

Applications include 3D scanning, gesture recognition sensors, IR illumination for security systems, medical scanning and medical low light laser therapy.

The VCSEL arrays combine high power, high energy efficiency, narrow spectral width, narrow beam divergence, low speckle, and high reliability characteristics into a single miniaturized light source.

The VCSEL advantage includes high modulation speed for time of flight sensors, high efficiency for mobile devices, simultaneous narrow spectrum and low speckle for noise reduction in illumination sources. Custom die layout, packaging, and integration with optical elements such as diffusers or lenses can be tailored to the customer’s application.

"Vixar’s approach is to create products designed simultaneously for performance, reliability and manufacturability," explained Klein Johnson, CTO and co-founder of Vixar.

"In parallel with the product design we have established a production capability and supply chain that allows us to ship several million units per month of these high power arrays."