The BIOMEDX Group, Inc. is a technology company founded to develop and commercialize photo-realistic 3-D and holographic digital human modeling for the medical/healthcare industry.

The Company is developing specialized, interactive applications for simulation programs to capture real-time, pre-procedural modeling of facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgical methods including computer generated human anatomy to display holographic physiologically accurate simulations of the human body, including the biometrics of actual tissue and organs.

Visualant and BIOMEDX will be developing applications using Visualant’s photonic ChromaID technology to analyze and determine various characteristics of the skin and underlying subdermal tissue as it relates BIOMEDX enhanced 3-D and holographic imaging for dermatologic, plastic surgery and aesthetic applications, a multi-billion dollar global market.

BIOMEDX Group is led by Rudy Mazzocchi, an internationally renowned biomedical and technology entrepreneur. Mazzocchi is also Executive Chairman of Establishment Labs, a global aesthetic company, and Executive Chairman of LAFORGE Optical, a heads-up display eyewear company.

The medical/technology team at BIOMEDX includes Dr. Raghu Raghavan, former Professor of Computer Science & Radiology at Johns Hopkins University and an author of over 150 Research Publication and 37 Patents as its Chief Technical Officer; and Goal Chopra, MD, MBA, a Neurosurgeon, Ophthalmologist and entrepreneur, who holds a faculty position in Dept. of Human Anatomical Studies at Stanford University, and a former Investment Banker at Lazard and Business Development Director of Boston Scientific Corporation, as its Chief Medical Officer.

Mazzocchi, BIOMEDX Chairman and Acting-CEO, said: “We are very excited to work with Visualant to jointly develop and deploy their ChromaID technology into the medical/healthcare marketplace through our existing channel relationships.

“We believe this Joint Development undertaking will lead to advancing the ChromaID technology not only in these addressable markets but also other large global markets for the ChromaID technology.”

Visualant CEO, President and Founder, Ron Erickson, said: “Rudy Mazzocchi and his team have a deep and proven understanding of the biomedical marketplace and the opportunities it provides for our technology.

“We are very excited to work with BIOMEDX through this Joint Development Agreement, as it expands the opportunities for us to not only develop our technology but also deploy our technology in the biomedical and med-tech global markets. We intend to become a leader in utilizing photonic technology in this and other important market segments.”