The new system enables true depth perception with HD resolution during endoscopic surgery.

The Visionsense VS3 system includes with a line of revolutionary 4mm HD stereo endoscopes, enabling 3D Minimally Invasive Brain surgery.

Visionsense CEO Alex Chanin said: "Visionsense celebrated this surgical break-through as a major enabling step to 3D soon becoming the standard of care in visualization in the operating room."

The VS3 System (VISIONSENSE III) has 510(k) and CE Mark clearance and is available commercially, worldwide.

The VS3 system is stereoscopic high definition (3DHD) solution based on a single, stereoscopic (3D) camera that utilizes small diameter stereo endoscopes.

With stereo vision capabilities, surgeons gain enhanced tissue understanding, improved hand eye coordination and the confidence to use advanced (articulating) surgical tools, thus opening the door for new, unique surgical developments.